This is the RESOURCES SECTION of the Website where you will find an assortment of topics to help support your knowledge base of flies and fly fishing.  Each major topic is listed in the left hand menu bar with sub-topics accessible in a drop down menu format. Below is a brief description of each major topic. 

ALL ABOUT HOOKS: This section includes information on the anatomy of a hook i.e. the proper nomenclature of each fundamental part, descriptions of the various types of fly hooks and a cross-reference of the major hook manufacturers’ part numbers. 

AQUATIC INSECTS: This section is currently under expansion, the new revised content should be available shortly. 

FISH SPECIES:  This section includes a complete listing of freshwater fish taxonomy including: common name, genus, species, introduction date, native range and introduction range. 

MOON PHASES:  This section includes the current moon phase as well as a Lunar Calendar that can be projected forward. Many anglers plan their fishing trips on certain moon phases, especially new and full moon periods. There is also a tutorial on phases of the moon and a glossary of common descriptions.

RIVER HATCH GUIDES:  We are especially proud of our River Hatch Guide section and the accuracy of the information. The noted rivers are listed by State in a drop down menu.  The information contained in the guide is constantly being updated and revised. Each River Hatch Guide includes the scientific and common name of the aquatic insect, recommended hook size and hatch timing. Since most hatch timing is effected by both weather conditions and temperature ranges the hatch dates listed are only approximate dates.

TIDE CHARTS:  Here you will have access to a complete Tide Chart listing for all of the fishable Ocean waters of the US and Japan. This section also includes descriptions of various pertinent nomenclatures as well as a list of useful links for additional information.