River Hatch Guides



For most fly anglers, aquatic insect activity and emergence is often the focus of many excursions to their favorite trout stream.  It is these peak periods of trout activity and selective feeding that excites fly anglers around the world the most. The study of aquatic insects and terrestrials is the cerebral part of our sport that often helps us become better anglers. To be able to tell the difference between a caddisfly, stonefly or mayfly on the water can often be only the beginning of unlocking the secret of successful trout angling and selective feeding habits.  Hatch Guides are designed to give you a head start on defining what is hatching on the river and better prepare you for which patterns to pack in your flybox.

The River Hatch Guides are referenced by State in the left hand navagation menu with the noted rivers listed in a drop down menu as you click on each state. The information included in all the Hatch Guides is constantly being updated and revised based on first hand information from local guides and anglers. Each River Hatch Guide includes the scientific and common name of the aquatic insect, hatch timing and recommended fly hook size. Since hatch timing often involves weather conditions and temperature as a trigger the listed hatch dates are only approximate listings.