All About Hooks


It can be said that the fish hook is one of man’s oldest tools, dating back over 650,000 Million years to the Paleolithic Age when early man was crafting tools and hooks out of stone and bone. As technology advanced, metal fish hooks first appeared during the Copper Age around 5000 BC and were further refined during the Iron Age which began in Egypt around 2000 BC. Modern hook construction can be traced back to the end of the fourteen century in Europe with the actual birth of an industry in seventeenth century England.

The major categories of this section are listed in the drop down menu, they include: Anatomy of a Hook, Hook Descriptions and a Hook Cross-Reference. The information included in the Anatomy of a Hook identifies proper nomenclature of each fundamental part of a hook. In the section on Fly Hook Designs we have listed descriptions for all of the various types of hooks used in fly tying for both fresh and saltwater applications. The Hook Cross-Reference lists all of the major hook manufacturers and their corresponding hook part numbers by type of hook.