How it All Started

Fly of the Month Club has been selling quality flies since 1996 and was started as a family business employing fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. The common family pastime was fly fishing of course, with most of us beginning at a very young age. Our family passion for the angling art we know as flies runs deep in our blood which is why we started Fly of the Month Club.

In the beginning, we tied many of our own flies, shipped orders ourselves and grew by word of mouth and magazine ads. Over the years, we have grown into a Global business with a Web based presence and somewhat sophisticated systems. Now we buy our flies on the world market, but one thing has not changed. We still have the passion for our sport; we still offer the highest quality flies we can buy for our members and we still care about the small stuff.

Fly of the Month Club is still a business started by Fly Fisherman for Fly fisherman. Flies are our business and our only business. That is how and why we can offer our members the highest quality in product, customer service and knowledge of our sport.