Fly Catalog

The On-Line Fly Catalog is categorized by type of fly pattern for both Trout and Salmon/Steelhead flies and by type of Fish for Warmwater and Saltwater flies. Information in the on-line catalog includes hook size and color variations as well as pattern recipes for many patterns.

To order flies, choose your quantity and pattern and simply move them into your Shopping Cart. Prices in the On-Line Catalog are based on ordering in single unit quantities.

Receive an additional 5 % Discount off unit pricing when ordering by the Dozen (or ½ Dozen if pattern is noted with an *) in the pricing column. Your 5% Discount will be automatically calculated when your order is totaled.

The on-line Fly Catalog also has Pre-Packaged Fly Selections listed by both Fish Species (example Trout) and by Fishing Destination (example Bahamas). Prices vary based on the number of flies in the selection.

All Fly Selections are shipped pre-loaded in an attractive and functional Fly Box designed to give you years of fishing use. The cost of the specific Fly assortment includes the Fly Box.