Emerger Patterns

Emerger patterns are designed to imitate a struggling aquatic insect in the act of emergence trying to escape its exoskeleton. In reality, imitating the natural is often best done by taking a nymph pattern and adding partially exposed wings and a shuck. CDC is a great material to use for the wings as pictured here in this CDC Emerger/Nymph tied to imitate PMD coloring.

Cripple imitations are also grouped in this category based on the fact that a cripple refers to an aquatic insect that never completed the act of emergence. Cripple imitations can be quite effective at the tail end of a hatch or when fished behind eddies where cripples accumulate.

Emergers are also tied with parachute hackles at times to lower the profile further into the surface film. The parachute post is often replaced with a piece of foam which is trimmed off just above the parachute. These make excellent emerger imitations and are especially effective in larger sizes of 14 and above.

CDC Emerger (Black Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe:
Hook- TMC100, Thread- Black 6/0, Body- Black Superfine dubbing, Wing- Tuft of black CDC (cul de canard) feather, Tail- Light blue dun hackle barbs tied split.

Emergent Sparkle Pupa (Brown Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC100, Thread- Black 6/0, Head- Dark brown superfine dubbing, Wing- Natural deer hair tips tied upright and back, Abdomen- Tan Antron dubbing, Abdomen Veil- Tan Antron yarn, Shuck- Tan Antron yarn tied on as tail.

Mayfly Cripple (Limestone Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC100, Thread- Tan 6/0, Thorax- Tan Superfine dubbing, Wing- Light tan natural deer hair tied upright and forward, Abdomen- Light brown stripped hackle stem wrapped, Tail- Tan marabou tuft. 

Partridge Emerger (Olive Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC100, Thread- Olive 6/0, Hackle- Natural gray partridge flank wrapped sparse collar style and tied back, Thorax- Dubbed hares mask fur, Abdomen - Light green floss, Tail- No tail.

Serendipity (Brown Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook-TMC2487, Thread- Brown 8/0, Wingcase- Natural deer hair tied upright and back with spun and trimmed to shape, Abdomen- PMD brown Zelon wound and twisted.