Egg Fly Patterns

Egg fly patterns or Glo-Bugs as they are often called are just about the simplest of all Salmon/Steelhead fly patterns to tie. Normally a hook, thread and egg yarn is all that is needed. Egg yarn is available in a myriad of colors many of which are fluorescent to give added visibility in fast and off colored water.

Egg yarn flies have been around since the late fifties and they are still catching as many fish as ever. Midwest Salmon/Steelhead anglers have fostered their use with tandem hook set ups that use a nymph and egg pattern together.

Egg patterns also take on other shapes such as double egg, sperm with egg and spawn sacs patterns that are much more than just a simple glo-bug. Flashabou and Krystal flash are also finding their way into egg patterns and for good reason with their visual attractability.

Bears Crystal Egg Pattern Recipe: Hook- Dai-Riki 135, Thread- Fluorescent Orange 8/0 Uni-thread, Tail- 3 strands of White Fluorofibre and 1 strand of Pearl Comes Alive, Body- Estaz in the color of choice, Wing- Egg yarn.

Babine Special Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC7999, Thread- Black 6/0, Hackle- White tied as sparse slightly rear facing collar, Body- Fluorescent orange chenille tied in two balls with red hackle wrapped as sparse collar in center, Tail- Tuft of white marabou.

Clown Egg Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC2457, Thread- White 3/0, Body- Pink, Fluorescent Orange, Chartreuse, and Orange mixed egg yarn tied in ball.

Egg Fly (Pink Champaign Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC105, Thread- White 3/0, Body- Pink Champaign egg yarn tied in ball.

Micro Egg (Fluorescent Red Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC2487, Thread- White 6/0, Body- Fluorescent red egg yarn tied in ball