Redfish Fly Patterns

Redfish fly patterns have flourished of late just as the fishery itself has continued to grow and grow. This powerful gamefish is just made for an 8 weight fly rod resulting in its growth in popularity. Brown and down was once the design criteria for redfish patterns meaning weighted patterns of brown color schemes. This is no longer the case.

Although brown is still a dominate color scheme for redfish patterns you will now find a wide range of color combinations dictated in many pattern recipes. There is also a good degree of synthetic reflective material used in pattern design to compensate for the often stained water that redfish inhabit. Rattles are also commonplace in baitfish patterns again to compensate for water clarity.

Spoon flies as pictured here (Caves Wobbler by Jon Cave) are also somewhat unique to this fishery. Bright flashing colors of gold and silver are predominate in these very effective patterns. Weed guards are also a necessary component due to the often weedy environment of the redfish.



Bendback Minnow (White/Blue Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC411S, Thread- Black 3/0, Body- White chenille, Wing- White bucktail with two grizzly hackles, pearl and electric blue Flashabou, sky blue FisHair and eight strands of peacock hurl, Head- Black 3/0 thread with red painted gill collar, Eyes- Painted white with black pupil

Craves Wobbler (Gold/Orange Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- Mustad 34007, Thread- Light orange 3/0, Weedguard- Light wire attached through hook eye and wound on shank, Tail- Orange bucktail with sparse gold Krystal Flash, Body- Gold Mylar tubing flattened and covered with epoxy, Eyes- Black plastic bead chain. Pattern Designer- John Cave

Glades Minnow Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC811S Thread Olive 6/0, Body- Fine Diamond Pearl Braid, Wing- Minnow green Craft Fur and peacock hurl with Lazerlite dubbing, Head/Wing- White gray and olive Craft Fur, Eyes- Red-Black prismatic stick on eyes, Weedguard- Manson Hard Nylon. Pattern Designer: Mike Conner

Glass Minnow Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC811S, Thread- Orange 3/0, Body- Flat silver tinsel under clear 20-30 lb clear monofilament, Wing- White FisHair and red fox squirrel tail, Head- Orange 3/0 thread painted orange, Eyes- Painted white with black pupil.

Rattlin' Minnow (Blue/Chartreuse Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- Mustad 94011, Weight- Rattle on hook shank, Thread- Blue single strand nylon floss use white at tail, Body- Silver Flashabou Minnow Body, Tail- 1/4" strands of silver Mylar tubing frayed at end, Gills- Red Flashabou, Wing- Blur bucktail, rainbow Krystal Flash and chartreuse bucktail, Eyes- Painted yellow with black pupil. Pattern Designer: Jon Cave

Redfish Fly Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC411S, Thread -Red 3/0,Tail- Four white hackle tied in pairs flared with 15-20 strands of silver Flashabou, Collar- Red marabou tied as full collar, Head/Body- Red 3/0thread built up and tapered to eye coated with clear epoxy.