All Purpose Fly Patterns

All purpose Saltwater patterns are just that, flies designed to be used for many different species and situations. For the most part these are medium to large baitfish imitations that come in a variety of colors and body/wing styles.

Lefty’s Deceiver, as pictured here was created by Lefty Kreh to be a all purpose saltwater baitfish imitation and the prototype for this category. This fly pattern has it all and does it all…purpose.

The Clouser Minnow is another example of an all purpose baitfish design that is a prototype for this category. With weighted eyes to add wounded baitfish action in movement Bob Clouser has indeed created a very effective and universal pattern. These two patterns alone created this category.

Clouser Deep Minnow (Tutti Frutti Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe:
Hook-TMC811S, Thread- Chartreuse 6/0, Wing- Chartreuse dyed bucktail with sparse gold Krystal Flash, Underwing- Hot pink dyed bucktail with sparse gold Krystal flash, Eyes- Lead painted dark red with black pupils. Pattern Designer: Bob Clouser

Lefty's Big Fish Deceiver (Blue/White Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC811S, Thread- White 3/0, Tail- Ten strands of Rainbow Krystal Flash, Body- White 3/0 thread, Wing- Dyed fluorescent blue and white bucktail with eight long white saddle hackles, Throat- Red Krystal Flash, Head - Painted royal blue, Eyes- Small Prismatic. Pattern Designer: Lefty Kreh