Scuds & Shrimp

Scuds and shrimp patterns imitate common freshwater Crustaceans including; Aquatic Sowbugs (Order Isopoda), Scuds (Order Amphipoda) and Freshwater Shrimp/Crayfish (Order Decapoda). Pictured here is a very effective scud pattern called Big Horn Shrimp, made famous by the river it is named after.

When tying scuds, shrimp and sowbugs (cress bugs) it is important to choose a good quality material for the shellback which is the focal point of these patterns. Products like Magic Shrimp Foil and Thin Skin are excellent choices to obtain that life-like look and shine. Colorful creatures at times, scud shellbacks often reflect their environment exhibiting colors that often appear as yellow, olive, gray, tan and even multicolored. Upon death some species turn bright orange from the caratone in their bodies.

Recipes for tying scuds and sowbugs often call for a hook size range of from 18-14; however there is an occasional size 12 for some Western patterns like Big Horn Shrimp. These patterns are tied often with internal weight as well as bead heads. Unweighted patterns are also needed at times based on water flow and depth especially in Tailwater fisheries where water levels fluctuate frequently.

Big Horn Shrimp ( Orange Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC2457, Thread- Fluorescent fire orange 6/0, Head- Fluorescent fire orange thread, Abdomen- Mixed fluorescent orange and burnt yellow Sparkle Blend with picked out underbelly, Ribbing- Fine copper wire, Back- Copper Krystal Flash with clear plastic covering

Hunchback Scud (Tan Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC2487, Thread- Tan 6/0, Abdomen- Mixed tan and light olive Antron dubbing with underbelly fibers picked out, Back- Clear plastic covering, Ribbing- Tan thread,

Scud, Bead Head (Orange Color Scheme) Pattern Recipe: Hook- TMC2457, Thread- Orange 6/0, Head- Gold Bead, Antennae- Orange hackle barbs Abdomen- Fluorescent orange Antron dubbing with underbelly picked out, Ribbing- Fluorescent fire orange thread 6/0, Back- Pearl Flashabou with clear plastic covering, Tail- Orange hackle barbs.