Akiyamago Hayashi Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Red Silk, C13-U Hook

This simple Tenkara design uses only red silk thread, peacock herl and a single reverse tied black hackle in its construction, tied on a Gamakatsu # C13U, Up eye Keel style dry fly hook.

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Akiyamago Hayashi Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Red Silk, C13-U Hook
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Located in the western outskirts of Japan’s Mt. Naeba is the area called Akiyama-go. It is said that Akiyama-go was a haven for soldiers who lost battles against Genji, the Kamakura Shogunate, and was established in the 12th century. The twelve villages of Akiyama-go are scattered throughout the beautiful Nakatsu-gawa River valley and are located on the slope of the mountain covered with trees that shelter them from the heavy snow of the region. This multi layered and cultivated land is one of the unexplored regions of Japan. Our Akiyamago-Hayashi Kebari are variations of designs originally created by Mr. Kenzo Hayashi, the former storekeeper of a fishing tackle shop and the landlord of a guesthouse "Yuzansou". In keeping with tradition, these are simple Tenkara designs that use only silk thread, peacock herl and a single reverse tied hackle in its construction. This pattern is offered in three basic color schemes and represents a very traditional Tenkara design tied on Gamakatsu C13-U hooks available in sizes 12-14-16. The C13-U is an up-eye keel style dry fly hook with a unique wide gape bend that when combined with the up-eye creates a powerful fish holding tool. Not to be too technical but; the secret is in the fact that the tippet is pulling along an imaginary line that is parallel to the float line of the fly and passes through the apex of the bend. In other words, all the pressure the rod exerts is being focused at the exact point that holds the fish on the hook.

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