McKnight's Rasta Puff

An updated more sexy varation of the famous Mini Puff


McKnight's Rasta Puff
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The Mini Puff is a long time favorite bonefish fly of mine that I have used anywhere that Bonefish live.  It is probably best used for ultra-spooky shallow water bonefish that tail in medium water depths. The original Mini Puff was light pink in color and first tied by Capt. Neil Bohannon of Key West FL in the 70's. To this day it still remains one of the best patterns to choose when fishing shallow water and/or nervous fish.  The Mini Puff was lightly dressed for a soft landing which is oh-so important when fishing skinny water.  

Many good patterns often spawn variations of the original by creative tiers who are looking to improve on a solid design. In the case, it was Livingston MT tier and guide Doug McKnight who transformed what was a simple pattern into a more complex and appealing fly he called the Rasta Puff.  He did this by adding Kristal Flash and thin striped colored rubber legs to the tail creating a much more glitzy offering.


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