Roosterfish Flies

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Big Eye Baitfish Saltwater Fly Big Eye Baitfish Saltwater Fly
Just a Superb Series of Flies with large Witchcraft eyes and gill plates that really attract Stripers
Cowen's Baitfish Fly Cowen's Baitfish Fly
This pattern casts a very realistic Baitfish profile when in the water. It is about as universal as a pattern can be, good for anything that eats Baitfish
Cowen's Magnum Baitfish Big Game Fly Cowen's Magnum Baitfish Big Game Fly
This is a very large yet easy to cast Baitfish imitation that really holds its shape under heavy use
Cruiser Anchovy Cruiser Anchovy
Just a good, all-round Baitfish imitation at home on either coast.
Electric Bill Billfish Fly Electric Bill Billfish Fly
One of our Favorite Patterns for Sailfish that really lights up the water
Fat Albert Slider Fat Albert Slider
Bill and Kate Howe created this large, wide and big eyed baitfish imitation that we really like for aggressive predators.
Flashtail Deep Minnow, Blanton's Flashtail Deep Minnow, Blanton's
From the vise of Dan Blanton we have this big bad Clouser-like minnow with lead eyes on a Jig hook.
Flashtail Whistler Big Game Fly Flashtail Whistler Big Game Fly
A very large fly tied on Jig Hook this is a variation of Dan Blanton's famous Whistler Pattern
Fuzzy Fiber Baitfish Fly Fuzzy Fiber Baitfish Fly
This Baitfish pattern is made of Fuzzy Fiber, an Ultra fine, non-absorbent synthetic material that adds substance to the profile without weight.
G/S Roosta Streamer Fly G/S Roosta Streamer Fly
We like the long tail/wing on this new look Deciever type pattern.
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