Baetis/Blue Wing Olive

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Order Ephemeroptera : Mayflies
Family Baetidae: Blue-Winged Olives                            Baetidae Genus include:
Acentrella: Miniature Blue-Winged Olives
Acerpenna: Blue-Winged Olives
Apobaetis: Blue-Winged Olives
Baetis: Blue-Winged Olives
Callibaetis: Speckled Duns
Centroptilum: Blue-Winged Olives
Cloeon: Blue-Winged Olives
Diphetor: Blue-Winged Olives
Heterocloeon: Blue-Winged Olives
Plauditus: Blue-Winged Olives
Procloeon: Blue-Winged Olives
Pseudocloeon: Blue-Winged Olives

Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph
Very Natural general purpose Mayfly Nymph Imitation
Pheasant Tail Nymph Pheasant Tail Nymph
An All Time Classic Pattern from England that still works well
Sloan's Mighty May Nymph Sloan's Mighty May Nymph
This is a black bead head Mayfly imitation that is not only very realistic but also very fishable
Poxyback Nymph Poxyback Nymph
Extremely Effective and Lifelike Design that can represent many species of Mayflies
Pheasant Tail Bead Head Nymph Pheasant Tail Bead Head Nymph
Very Natural Mayfly Nymph Imitation that came to us from England
Juju Baetis Nymph Juju Baetis Nymph
This Baetis imitation is just the ticket for very wary trout in gin-clear water situations, by Charlie Craven .
WD 40 WD 40
Not much to say here except that this pattern has been catching trout for years.
Spotlight Emerger Spotlight Emerger
This is a very visible emerger pattern that rides high in the surface film, just perfect for evening hatches.
Poxyback Emerger Poxyback Emerger
This is Mike Mercer's famous emerger pattern that is so very effective in pre hatch situations
Bat Wing Emerger Fly Bat Wing Emerger Fly
A very Effective and Unique Mayfly imitation for fishing Surface Film
AK's Olive Dun Quill AK's Olive Dun Quill
Blue Ribbon Foam Emerger Blue Ribbon Foam Emerger
This pattern will fish high in the water and is easy to see
Mercer's Missing Link Mercer's Missing Link
Its almost like the stage between an emerger and a dun.....Just another creative new pattern from one of the Masters!
Sprout Sprout
Tied on a curved shank hook this parachute emerger rides half in and half out of the surface flim.
Sparkle Dun Dry Fly Sparkle Dun Dry Fly
Especially effective on Selective Fish this is really an Emerger
Comparadun Dry Fly Comparadun Dry Fly
Excellent Cold Weather Pattern especially in Western waters
Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly
This is one of the Superhatches that exist across the US
Parachute Dun Dry Fly Parachute Dun Dry Fly
You should always carry a Parachute Dun in your most fished Hatches or pet Patterns
Hi Viz Parachute Dun Dry Fly Hi Viz Parachute Dun Dry Fly
When you need to see the fly better Hi-Viz Parachutes are the answer
Loopwing Paradun Dry Fly Loopwing Paradun Dry Fly
The Loopwing design perfectly imitates the up-wing profile of a Mayfly and has fooled many a wary trout?.a must have for sure.