Lake Flies

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Adult Damsel Dry Fly Adult Damsel Dry Fly
Great for fishing mid-day during the hot days of July and August
Alder Fly Alder Fly
The often mistaken mistery bug of the stream is a real productive pattern when naturals are present
Bandit Leech Fly Bandit Leech Fly
This is an excellent imitation of the natural for Deep Dark Holes and Big Trout
Big Horn Shrimp Fly Big Horn Shrimp Fly
A good choice for many Western Tailwater Fisheries
Birds Nest Nymph Birds Nest Nymph
A Good Go-Anywhere all purpose Nymph imitation
Bunny Leech Fly Bunny Leech Fly
The Rabbit Fur Strip on this pattern gives it lifelike swimming action when striped
Burk's Adult Damsel Dry Fly Burk's Adult Damsel Dry Fly
This pattern works well for Lake fishing in the Summer Months
Callibatis Dun Dry Fly Callibatis Dun Dry Fly
In a Speckled Dun hatch Trout can become very selective.
Callibatis Spinner Fly Callibatis Spinner Fly
Use early in the Season on a cloudy day when this hatch occurs most often
Chernobyl Juicy Bug Dry Fly Chernobyl Juicy Bug Dry Fly
This thing has it all, rubber legs, foam body, synthetic hair and a wild profile that excites big trout.
Chironomid Pheasant Tail Pupa Chironomid Pheasant Tail Pupa
This is the Midge pupa with over 2000 species in North America, distribution of this important family of Aquatic Insects is everywhere
Crayfish Bugger Fly Crayfish Bugger Fly
Eddie Wyatt created this warmwater wonder for Bass but we find it to be just a killer Carp fly.
Crystal Damsel Dragon Bass Fly Crystal Damsel Dragon Bass Fly
A Dave Whitlock Creation of a Summertime Bass favorite the Dragonfly
Damsel Nymph Fly Damsel Nymph Fly
A Dave Whitlock Creation of this swimming nymph that is also a good Carp fly
Dave's Cricket Terrestrial Dry Fly Dave's Cricket Terrestrial Dry Fly
A Dave Whitlock Creation that is a very good imitation of the Natural also great for Panfish
Dragon Nymph Fly Dragon Nymph Fly
A good choice for high mountain Lake fishing or for Panfish and Carp
Gold Bead Crystal Bugger Fly Gold Bead Crystal Bugger Fly
A Truly Universal Pattern that can be fished anywhere in the World - Never be without them
Gray Ghost Gray Ghost
This supurb baitfish imitation has been catching big trout since July 1924 when it was first cast to Maine brook trout.
Helgramite Nymph Helgramite Nymph
Great for fishing Lakes and also works well for Panfish
Hula Damsel Hula Damsel
At last, an articulated Damsel nymph that really imitates the movement of the natural, great for lake and pond fishing as well.
Hunchback Scud Fly Hunchback Scud Fly
This is a good imitation of the natural especially good for Western Streams and Rivers
Irresistible Cricket Fly Irresistible Cricket Fly
A good cricket imitation that really lives up to its name. Floats well for a long time.
Janssen's Minnow Fly Janssen's Minnow Fly
A proven killer on big trout, this is the ultimate imitation of brook, brown and rainbow fry by Hal Janssen.
Lake Dragon Nymph Fly Lake Dragon Nymph Fly
Barbless tied on a TMC 5263BL and created by Randall Kaufmann
Parachute Damsel Dry Fly Parachute Damsel Dry Fly
Very Effective Adult Damsel pattern that rides well in the surface film
Periodic Cicada Periodic Cicada
Almost looking Prehistoric we have a black foam Cicada imitation that has been bringing home the bacon.
Rojo Midge Tungsten Rojo Midge Tungsten
Another colorful and effective midge larva imitation by Greg Garcia that works especially as a dropper or anchoring a multiple nymph set up.
Sasquatch Streamer Fly Sasquatch Streamer Fly
This is the perfect Big Ugly fly for Deep Dark Holes
Scud Bead Head Nymph Scud Bead Head Nymph
Barbless, tied on a TMC2457BL Hook created by Randall Kaufmann
Tailwater Sowbug, Tungsten Tailwater Sowbug, Tungsten
A rainbow colored Sowbug design just perfect for most Tailwater fisheries.
Theo's Boatman Theo's Boatman
This is a real cool looking Boatman imitation with a shiny silver underside just as the natural looks.
Water Boatman Water Boatman
The undisputed king of fishing calm water eddies
WD 40 WD 40
Not much to say here except that this pattern has been catching trout for years.