Grayling Flies

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ParaWulff Parachute Dry Fly ParaWulff Parachute Dry Fly
A productive and most fishable variation of a Great Pattern
Peacock Caddis Dry Fly Peacock Caddis Dry Fly
Very Effective General Purpose Caddis Imitation that works Worldwide
Renegade Renegade
The fly that doesn't know weather it is coming or going has been working magic for many years.
Spotlight Caddis Emerger Spotlight Caddis Emerger
As Caddis emergers go this one is special, it rides high in the surface film and it is easy to see.
Spotlight Emerger Spotlight Emerger
This is a very visible emerger pattern that rides high in the surface film, just perfect for evening hatches.
Sprout Sprout
Tied on a curved shank hook this parachute emerger rides half in and half out of the surface flim.
Trude Dry Fly Trude Dry Fly
A Go-Anywhere pattern that is a part of Fly Fishing History
Wulff - Royal Lime Wulff - Royal Lime
Here we have the famous Hair-Wing Wulff in a hot color scheme...we like it!
Wulff Dry Fly Wulff Dry Fly
This is one of the Top 10 Patterns of All Time created by the Master: Lee Wulff
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