Subsurface Bass Flies

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Backstabber Carp Fly Backstabber Carp Fly
This is one of the New Generation Carp flies that is taking fish in all types of water conditions in all parts of the country.
Branham's Crayfish Fly Branham's Crayfish Fly
This is just an exceptionally realistic and life-like Crayfish imitation that Smallmouth inhale
Charlies Giant Airhead Rainbow Charlies Giant Airhead Rainbow
This is the Giant Fly for those Giant Bass in California
Clouser Baby Smallmouth Fly Clouser Baby Smallmouth Fly
Lets face it Smallmouth are Cannibalistic and this is an abundant spring forage fish.
Clouser Deep Minnow Fly Clouser Deep Minnow Fly
One of the most Successful Patterns Ever Created for anything that eats baitfish
Clouser Swimming Nymph Clouser Swimming Nymph
This is a real good looking Nymph that works well in dark or stained water situations.
Clouser's Crayfish Fly Clouser's Crayfish Fly
This is a very unique and effective Crayfish imitation for Smallmouth
Clouser's Darter Smallmouth Fly Clouser's Darter Smallmouth Fly
Similar to the Clouser Deep Minnow this perfectly designed pattern imitates a fleeing prey species
Crayfish Bugger Fly Crayfish Bugger Fly
Eddie Wyatt created this warmwater wonder for Bass but we find it to be just a killer Carp fly.
Drum Food Drum Food
As the name says, this is a real good looking pattern for merky water situations
Geezus Lizard, Zimmerman's Geezus Lizard, Zimmerman's
You have to see and feel this pattern to believe it, and yes it will out fish most other flies.
Meat Whistle, Barr's Meat Whistle, Barr's
Ring the dinner bell, for here comes a big, bad cone headed pattern tied on a Jig Hook from John Barr.
Multicolor Minnow Fly Multicolor Minnow Fly
This is a top water variation of the famous Muddler Minnow that is one of our best selling Smallmouth Patterns
Near Nuff Sculpin Fly Near Nuff Sculpin Fly
Great for Smallmouth this weighted fly has tons of movement underwater
Peacock Cruiser Peacock Cruiser
What a beautiful pattern, the perfect color scheme for the off colored water of the Amazon and its tributaries.
Shimmer Panfish Bass Fly Shimmer Panfish Bass Fly
This series of Panfish Imitations have plenty of flash and sparkle that make Largemouth eat them up
Softshell Crayfish Fly Softshell Crayfish Fly
From the Master, this is probably one of the most Life-Like Crayfish imitations you will ever find
Sunfish Bass Fly Sunfish Bass Fly
A very Life-Like Sunfish imitation that is especially effective in heavily fished areas
Texas Ringworm Texas Ringworm
Man...Look at the size of this Bass Bait