Surface Bass Flies

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Crease Fly Crease Fly
This is Joe Blados famous creation the Crease Fly, a pattern that is at home in both Fresh and Saltwater.
Crystal Damsel Dragon Bass Fly Crystal Damsel Dragon Bass Fly
A Dave Whitlock Creation of a Summertime Bass favorite the Dragonfly
Dancing Frog Bass Fly Dancing Frog Bass Fly
This Deerhair popper looks just like a Hula Popper and fishes as well to boot
Deerhair Bass Bug Fly Deerhair Bass Bug Fly
Here we have a Classic style spun deerhair popper from the Master Dave Whitlock
Deerhair Mouse Bass Fly Deerhair Mouse Bass Fly
Looks sooooo real you won't believe your own eyes
Diving Minnow Deerhair Bass Fly Diving Minnow Deerhair Bass Fly
A Larry Dahlberg Design that can swim just under the surface - it is also an incredibly buoyant fly
Messinger's Frog Bass Fly Messinger's Frog Bass Fly
Really Lifelike design with back legs that move in the water when striped
Mighty Mouse Mighty Mouse
This is an old stand-by Mouse pattern for Trout that rides high in the water and induces lots of strikes!
Mini Mouse Mini Mouse
This Mouse pattern is cuter than a bugs ear and just the thing when you need to downsize
Mouserat Deehair Fly Mouserat Deehair Fly
A very effective Dave Whitlock Creation that looks to be half mouse half muskrat
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