Panfish Flies

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Irresistible Cricket Fly Irresistible Cricket Fly
A good cricket imitation that really lives up to its name. Floats well for a long time.
Lake Dragon Nymph Fly Lake Dragon Nymph Fly
Barbless tied on a TMC 5263BL and created by Randall Kaufmann
Madam X Dry Fly Madam X Dry Fly
A Killer Pattern for out West or anywhere else for that matter.
Micro Popper Micro Popper
As Cute as they are Effective these are perfect miniature poppers
Micro Slider Micro Slider
As Cute as they are Effective these are perfect miniature Sliders
Mini Deerhair Popper Mini Deerhair Popper
When you need a light landing small popper for quiet water at dawn and dusk this is it
Panfish Popper Panfish Popper
A classic design little popper cut with a great popping angle on its face and rubber legs for extra action.
Panfish Spider Foam Body Fly Panfish Spider Foam Body Fly
Bluegill & Sunfish just eat them up as they can't resist all the dangling legs
Periodic Cicada Periodic Cicada
Almost looking Prehistoric we have a black foam Cicada imitation that has been bringing home the bacon.
Spark's Floating Spider Spark's Floating Spider
Ykes, this looks so real it will scare you....
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