Pike & Muskie Flies

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Bisharat's Puckerlips Bisharat's Puckerlips
Another unique pattern for Warmwater Preaditors from Charlie Bisharat
Bubbleicious Bubbleicious
With a name like that it just has to be good!!! This is a big, big fly at about 5" long.
Charlie's Airhead Fly Charlie's Airhead Fly
A large baitfish imitation that casts like a dream and pushes lots of water when striped.
Charlies Giant Airhead Rainbow Charlies Giant Airhead Rainbow
This is the Giant Fly for those Giant Bass in California
Crease Fly Crease Fly
This is Joe Blados famous creation the Crease Fly, a pattern that is at home in both Fresh and Saltwater.
Fat Albert Slider Fat Albert Slider
Bill and Kate Howe created this large, wide and big eyed baitfish imitation that we really like for aggressive predators.
Flashtail Deep Minnow, Blanton's Flashtail Deep Minnow, Blanton's
From the vise of Dan Blanton we have this big bad Clouser-like minnow with lead eyes on a Jig hook.
Flashtail Whistler Big Game Fly Flashtail Whistler Big Game Fly
A very large fly tied on Jig Hook this is a variation of Dan Blanton's famous Whistler Pattern
Gen-X Bunny Big Game Fly Gen-X Bunny Big Game Fly
Not just for Peacock Bass also for Pike and Muskie with a long strip of rabbit fur
Lefty's Big Fish Deceiver Saltwater Fly Lefty's Big Fish Deceiver Saltwater Fly
This is a Deceiver style pattern tied long at 6"-7" long for really Big Gamefish
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