Pike & Muskie Flies

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Lefty's Deceiver Saltwater Fly Lefty's Deceiver Saltwater Fly
A Truly Universal Pattern for Saltwater fishing Anywhere in the World
Meat Whistle, Barr's Meat Whistle, Barr's
Ring the dinner bell, for here comes a big, bad cone headed pattern tied on a Jig Hook from John Barr.
Mega Diver Fly Mega Diver Fly
A Larry Dahlberg Design that can swim just under the surface - it is also an incredibly buoyant fly
Pate's Billfish Fly Pate's Billfish Fly
From the Master of Billfish on the Fly one of the best designed Big Game Surface Flies ever created
Pike Fly Pike Fly
Old Standby for fishing Pike and Pickerel in the Northeast
Punkbait Big Game Fly Punkbait Big Game Fly
This is a colorfully unique design that is tied on stout Owner Hooks to handel all large predators both fresh and saltwater.
Spot On Baitfish Fly Spot On Baitfish Fly
Wow - this is just a great looking new Baitfish pattern from Charlie Bisharat that is tied on a Jig Hook, a must have.
Umpqua Frog Pike Fly Umpqua Frog Pike Fly
Killer Pattern - This is one of our best selling Surface Pike Flies that also works well for Bass
Umpqua Red/White Pike Fly Umpqua Red/White Pike Fly
We really like the Color Scheme of this pattern as it really shows up in the low light conditions of dawn and dusk
Umpqua Shad Pike Fly Umpqua Shad Pike Fly
New color scheme for this proven Killer pattern!!!
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