Bonefish Flies

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Blind Crab Surf Fly Blind Crab Surf Fly
A New Killer Pattern for anywhere the Surf falls
Bone Crusher Bonefish Fly Bone Crusher Bonefish Fly
A Larry Dahlberg Design that rests on the bottom with the hook bend pointing up
Bone Toad Bone Toad
This is a toad design just made for big bonefish, as with all toad designs this one can imitate a shrimp or a crab.
Bonefish Bitters Crab Fly Bonefish Bitters Crab Fly
One of the All Time Great Bonefish patterns-Don't go to Belize without these or for anywhere else for that matter
Bonefish Clouser Bonefish Fly Bonefish Clouser Bonefish Fly
This Incredibly effective pattern is a variant of the famous Clouser Deep Minnow
Bonefish Critter Bonefish Fly Bonefish Critter Bonefish Fly
A Tim Borski Pattern that is a shortened version of his famous Mangrove Critter-Very effective on Bonefish
Bonefish Mai Tai Flats Fly Bonefish Mai Tai Flats Fly
Here is a new weight centered Bonefish pattern that is very shrimp-like in appearance and fishes bigger than it looks
Bonefish Scampi Bonefish Scampi
Looks like a Rabbit Fur Gatcha that they love to eat it all day long!!!!
Bonefish Special Bonefish Fly Bonefish Special Bonefish Fly
An Oldie but a Goodie created by Chico Fernandez that has passed the test of time
Boneyard Shrimp Bonefish Fly Boneyard Shrimp Bonefish Fly
This is a big bodied shrimp like pattern that also passes for a small crab by Cade Burgdorf.
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