Bonefish Flies

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Branham's Shrimp Bonefish Fly Branham's Shrimp Bonefish Fly
This is one of the more realistic and life-like shrimp patterns going
Bread-N-Butter Bonefish Fly Bread-N-Butter Bonefish Fly
Works Anywhere for Bones but especially when fished on hard white bottoms
Bruja Crab Permit Flt Bruja Crab Permit Flt
This is one of our newest Permit patterns that is really doing well almost all over the Globe.
Bunny Gotcha Bonefish Fly Bunny Gotcha Bonefish Fly
Same wonderful design as the original Gotcha only tied with a rabbit fur wing for extra undulation.
Chili Pepper Bonefish Fly Chili Pepper Bonefish Fly
Not Just for Christmas Island this is a highly reflective gold pattern for hard bottom situations
Christmas Island Special Bonefish Fly Christmas Island Special Bonefish Fly
Randall Kaufmann designed these flies to fish for the highly pressured Bonefish of Christmas Island
Clouser Deep Minnow Fly Clouser Deep Minnow Fly
One of the most Successful Patterns Ever Created for anything that eats baitfish
Crazy Charlie Bonefish Fly Crazy Charlie Bonefish Fly
Maybe the Top Bonefish Pattern of All Time that sparked a evolution in pattern design
Crimp Saltwater Fly Crimp Saltwater Fly
What is half Crab and half Shrimp? Crimp the magical fly
Crystal Lite Bonefish Fly Crystal Lite Bonefish Fly
Great for quiet Days and skinny water as they land soft and turnover well with a long leader
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