Bonefish Flies

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Salt Shrimp Fly Salt Shrimp Fly
Everything on the Flats eats shrimp and this is a good general Shrimp imitation from Dave Whitlock
San Pedro Crab Fly San Pedro Crab Fly
A real Crabby looking pattern that has tons of movement built into it
Sandy's Cracked Crab Fly Sandy's Cracked Crab Fly
Try this new crab-like pattern for Permit as well as Bonefish- Perfect for the flats of the Lower Keys
Schmidt's Reefer Mantis Schmidt's Reefer Mantis
Boy, do we like this sexy looking Bonefish pattern !!!!!!
Sea Spoon Bonefish Fly Sea Spoon Bonefish Fly
This is a uniquely designed spoon-fly that has lots of action underwater-Redfish also love them
Sexy Sixties Crab - Tollett's Sexy Sixties Crab - Tollett's
Man, wait till the Permit get a load of this beauty....
Sili Legs Bonefish Fly Sili Legs Bonefish Fly
A Berry and Cathy Beck Design with long rubber Sili Legs that entice Bonefish well
Squimp Bonefish Fly Squimp Bonefish Fly
This is just a good general purpose Shrimp Imitation that works well when fished in weed lines.
Super Charlie Bonefish Fly Super Charlie Bonefish Fly
This is an Epoxy-Headed variant of Crazy Charlie that is great for Windy Days
Super Gotcha Bonefish Fly Super Gotcha Bonefish Fly
What do you get when you cross a Bonefish Special and Gotcha together?? Why Super Gotcha of course.
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