Bonefish Flies

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Bonafide Crab Bonafide Crab
Darting Coral Shrimp Darting Coral Shrimp
A simple shrimp imitation with a great looking body, we like the action this pattern gives off in skinny water.
Keys Permit Crab Keys Permit Crab
WOW..... Look what we have here a real crab-looking pattern for the fly wary Permit of the Keys
Tail Chaser Tail Chaser
Action Crab Action Crab
We really like this Merkin style Permit fly especially when used on light colored flats
Alberto's Shrimp Alberto's Shrimp
This is an extreemly life-like looking pattern, just perfect for heavely fished Bonefish
Albright Shrimp Fly Albright Shrimp Fly
An Oldie but a Goodie this is a soft landing shrimp pattern for skinny water scenarios
Bahamas Special Bonefish Fly Bahamas Special Bonefish Fly
This fly is a Big Offering that works Anywhere for Bones but especially well for the Big Bahamian type
Bauer's Flats Crab Bauer's Flats Crab
This little crab imitation is a must for Belieze and the Yucatan
Bauers Mantis Shrimp Bauers Mantis Shrimp
A very Universal Mantis Pattern designed by the famous tier Will Bauer
Blind Crab Surf Fly Blind Crab Surf Fly
A New Killer Pattern for anywhere the Surf falls
Bone Crusher Bonefish Fly Bone Crusher Bonefish Fly
A Larry Dahlberg Design that rests on the bottom with the hook bend pointing up
Bone Toad Bone Toad
This is a toad design just made for big bonefish, as with all toad designs this one can imitate a shrimp or a crab.
Bonefish Bitters Crab Fly Bonefish Bitters Crab Fly
One of the All Time Great Bonefish patterns-Don't go to Belize without these or for anywhere else for that matter
Bonefish Clouser Bonefish Fly Bonefish Clouser Bonefish Fly
This Incredibly effective pattern is a variant of the famous Clouser Deep Minnow
Bonefish Critter Bonefish Fly Bonefish Critter Bonefish Fly
A Tim Borski Pattern that is a shortened version of his famous Mangrove Critter-Very effective on Bonefish
Bonefish Mai Tai Flats Fly Bonefish Mai Tai Flats Fly
Here is a new weight centered Bonefish pattern that is very shrimp-like in appearance and fishes bigger than it looks
Bonefish Scampi Bonefish Scampi
Looks like a Rabbit Fur Gatcha that they love to eat it all day long!!!!
Bonefish Special Bonefish Fly Bonefish Special Bonefish Fly
An Oldie but a Goodie created by Chico Fernandez that has passed the test of time
Boneyard Shrimp Bonefish Fly Boneyard Shrimp Bonefish Fly
This is a big bodied shrimp like pattern that also passes for a small crab by Cade Burgdorf.
Branham's Shrimp Bonefish Fly Branham's Shrimp Bonefish Fly
This is one of the more realistic and life-like shrimp patterns going
Bread-N-Butter Bonefish Fly Bread-N-Butter Bonefish Fly
Works Anywhere for Bones but especially when fished on hard white bottoms
Bruja Crab Permit Flt Bruja Crab Permit Flt
This is one of our newest Permit patterns that is really doing well almost all over the Globe.
Bunny Gotcha Bonefish Fly Bunny Gotcha Bonefish Fly
Same wonderful design as the original Gotcha only tied with a rabbit fur wing for extra undulation.
Chili Pepper Bonefish Fly Chili Pepper Bonefish Fly
Not Just for Christmas Island this is a highly reflective gold pattern for hard bottom situations
Christmas Island Special Bonefish Fly Christmas Island Special Bonefish Fly
Randall Kaufmann designed these flies to fish for the highly pressured Bonefish of Christmas Island
Clouser Deep Minnow Fly Clouser Deep Minnow Fly
One of the most Successful Patterns Ever Created for anything that eats baitfish
Crazy Charlie Bonefish Fly Crazy Charlie Bonefish Fly
Maybe the Top Bonefish Pattern of All Time that sparked a evolution in pattern design
Crimp Saltwater Fly Crimp Saltwater Fly
What is half Crab and half Shrimp? Crimp the magical fly
Crystal Lite Bonefish Fly Crystal Lite Bonefish Fly
Great for quiet Days and skinny water as they land soft and turnover well with a long leader
Flats Boss Bonefish Fly Flats Boss Bonefish Fly
This is a real "Shrimpy" looking Bonefish fly that we have had much success with.
Fleeing Crab Bonefish Fly Fleeing Crab Bonefish Fly
Great for Belize where small crabs abound as a good portion of the Bonefish diet
Foxy Crab Fly Foxy Crab Fly
This is a very seductive pattern that has plenty of built in movement with the slightest twitch
Gold & Brown Shrimp Gold & Brown Shrimp
This is a great shallow water fly pattern that lands soft and fishes very natural, a must for Belize and the Yucatan
Gotcha Bonefish Fly Gotcha Bonefish Fly
An Incredibly Effective Pattern that may well be one of the Best Bonefish patterns ever created
Gotcha Clouser Gotcha Clouser
Just what will they think of next.... A Clouser Deep Minnow tied in a Gotcha color scheme, thats what !!!!
Grass Shrimp Bonefish Fly Grass Shrimp Bonefish Fly
A good universal Grass Shrimp imitation that works well almost anywhere Worldwide
Greg's Flats Fly Greg's Flats Fly
A Go Anywhere Pattern that imitates specific Shrimp species
Gus Crab Fly Gus Crab Fly
Just a perfect little crab imitation that works wonders in Belize and as well as bonefish live.
Hochner's Defiant Crab Hochner's Defiant Crab
This is a new Crab pattern that we think is a winner.....
Imitator Shrimp Bonefish Fly Imitator Shrimp Bonefish Fly
This is a very sleek epoxy body Shrimp imitation that fishes amazingly life-like
Interceptor Bonefish Fly Interceptor Bonefish Fly
A Randall Kaufmann Pattern that works well in deeper water and on dark days
Key Bone Permit Crab Fly Key Bone Permit Crab Fly
A Kwan/Merkin pattern that looks really "Crabby" and a great combination fly to cast to either bonefish and permit.
Kuan-Bead Chain Bonefish Fly Kuan-Bead Chain Bonefish Fly
This is just about the hottest Bonefish pattern going-this one has Bead Chain Eyes
Kwan-Lead Eye Bonefish Fly Kwan-Lead Eye Bonefish Fly
This is just about the hottest Bonefish pattern going-this one has Lead Barbell Eyes
Mantis Shrimp - Veverka Mantis Shrimp - Veverka
There are around 400 species of Mantis Shrimp around the world, reason enough to have one in your fly box
McKnight's Rasta Puff McKnight's Rasta Puff
An updated more sexy varation of the famous Mini Puff
Natural Crab Natural Crab
Wow....This crab imitation really looks lifelike, good when you need a soft natural crab fly
Nix's Epoxy Bonefish Fly Nix's Epoxy Bonefish Fly
A very Universal Bonefish Pattern that is reminiscent of the famous MOE (Mother of Epoxy) pattern
Q's Beach Bug Surf Fly Q's Beach Bug Surf Fly
Not just for Surf Fishing, Good for Bonefish also
Salt Shrimp Fly Salt Shrimp Fly
Everything on the Flats eats shrimp and this is a good general Shrimp imitation from Dave Whitlock
San Pedro Crab Fly San Pedro Crab Fly
A real Crabby looking pattern that has tons of movement built into it
Sandy's Cracked Crab Fly Sandy's Cracked Crab Fly
Try this new crab-like pattern for Permit as well as Bonefish- Perfect for the flats of the Lower Keys
Schmidt's Reefer Mantis Schmidt's Reefer Mantis
Boy, do we like this sexy looking Bonefish pattern !!!!!!
Sea Spoon Bonefish Fly Sea Spoon Bonefish Fly
This is a uniquely designed spoon-fly that has lots of action underwater-Redfish also love them
Sexy Sixties Crab - Tollett's Sexy Sixties Crab - Tollett's
Man, wait till the Permit get a load of this beauty....
Sili Legs Bonefish Fly Sili Legs Bonefish Fly
A Berry and Cathy Beck Design with long rubber Sili Legs that entice Bonefish well
Squimp Bonefish Fly Squimp Bonefish Fly
This is just a good general purpose Shrimp Imitation that works well when fished in weed lines.
Super Charlie Bonefish Fly Super Charlie Bonefish Fly
This is an Epoxy-Headed variant of Crazy Charlie that is great for Windy Days
Super Gotcha Bonefish Fly Super Gotcha Bonefish Fly
What do you get when you cross a Bonefish Special and Gotcha together?? Why Super Gotcha of course.
Super Swimming Shrimp Bonefish Fly Super Swimming Shrimp Bonefish Fly
A Tim Borski Pattern that is very life-like looking with natural materials and colors
Supreme Hair Shrimp Bonefish Fly Supreme Hair Shrimp Bonefish Fly
A New Hot Shrimp Pattern that is incredibly realistic looking under water
Surfin Merkin Fly Surfin Merkin Fly
Everything in the Ocean eats crabs and this Pacific Sand Crab imitation from Paul Cronin works really well.
Triple Threat Flats Fly Triple Threat Flats Fly
This is just a great combination Permit/Bonefish pattern from Justin Rea that you can through at a Tarpon as well
Turneffe Crab Bonefish Fly Turneffe Crab Bonefish Fly
Although designed for Belize this is a very Universal Crab Pattern that works well anywhere small crabs are present
Ultra Shrimp Saltwater Fly Ultra Shrimp Saltwater Fly
This is our very favorite Shrimp imitation that also works well on Floating Permit
Yucatan Special Bonefish Fly Yucatan Special Bonefish Fly
As the name implies, this is a go-to pattern for the Yucatan Peninsula and Belize.