Permit Flies

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Gotcha Clouser Gotcha Clouser
Just what will they think of next.... A Clouser Deep Minnow tied in a Gotcha color scheme, thats what !!!!
Gus Crab Fly Gus Crab Fly
Just a perfect little crab imitation that works wonders in Belize and as well as bonefish live.
Hochner's Defiant Crab Hochner's Defiant Crab
This is a new Crab pattern that we think is a winner.....
Key Bone Permit Crab Fly Key Bone Permit Crab Fly
A Kwan/Merkin pattern that looks really "Crabby" and a great combination fly to cast to either bonefish and permit.
Kung Fu Crab Permit Fly Kung Fu Crab Permit Fly
A rather new design Crab Pattern that has been building a good reputation in the Lower Keys
Mangrove Critter Saltwater Fly Mangrove Critter Saltwater Fly
Another big and ugly creation from the talented vice of Tim Borski which is also Great for Bonefish
Mc Crab Permit Fly Mc Crab Permit Fly
This is just about the Best Spun Deerhair Crab imitation to date, good for both Bonefish and Permit
Natural Crab Natural Crab
Wow....This crab imitation really looks lifelike, good when you need a soft natural crab fly
Rag Head Crab Fly Rag Head Crab Fly
This is yet another Del's Merkin style Crab pattern that works well on both Permit and Bonefish
Rattle Crab Permit Fly Rattle Crab Permit Fly
This hard body Crab Imitation has a built in rattle for that extra something to attract permit
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