Permit Flies

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Salt Crab Fly Salt Crab Fly
This spun deerhair crab pattern from Dave Whitlock is just Great to use for Floaters
San Pedro Crab Fly San Pedro Crab Fly
A real Crabby looking pattern that has tons of movement built into it
Sexy Sixties Crab - Tollett's Sexy Sixties Crab - Tollett's
Man, wait till the Permit get a load of this beauty....
Surfin Merkin Fly Surfin Merkin Fly
Everything in the Ocean eats crabs and this Pacific Sand Crab imitation from Paul Cronin works really well.
Swimming Crab Fly Swimming Crab Fly
Here we have another small Crab pattern for Permit and Bonefish in the waters of Belize
Triple Threat Flats Fly Triple Threat Flats Fly
This is just a great combination Permit/Bonefish pattern from Justin Rea that you can through at a Tarpon as well
Ultra Shrimp Saltwater Fly Ultra Shrimp Saltwater Fly
This is our very favorite Shrimp imitation that also works well on Floating Permit
Workin Merkin Permit Fly Workin Merkin Permit Fly
This Merkin style Crab Pattern really does work well for Permit on dark days
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