Shark/Cuda Flies

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Lefty's Big Fish Deceiver Saltwater Fly Lefty's Big Fish Deceiver Saltwater Fly
This is a Deceiver style pattern tied long at 6"-7" long for really Big Gamefish
Lefty's Shark/Cuda Fly Lefty's Shark/Cuda Fly
From the Master we have just a perfectly designed Shark and Cuda offering
Mega Diver Fly Mega Diver Fly
A Larry Dahlberg Design that can swim just under the surface - it is also an incredibly buoyant fly
Propeller Cuda Fly Propeller Cuda Fly
The spinning propeller on this pattern really churns up the water attracting Barracuda quickly.
Tandem 4/0X4/0 Needlefish Fly Tandem 4/0X4/0 Needlefish Fly
Here is our largest Cuda fly, it is a well designed tandem hook needlefish pattern that is easy to cast for its size.
THI Needelfish  Fly THI Needelfish Fly
Fish this pattern with a very fast retrieve and you will get a Cuda to Bite
Umpqua Cuda Fly Umpqua Cuda Fly
This pattern has tandem hooks and casts the perfect Needlefish profile that Barracuda just love to prey on
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