Dry Flies

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Bear Back Skwala Bear Back Skwala
This is Ken Burkholder's artful design of an adult Skwala Stone scientifically known as Skwala parallela
Bears CDC Ephoron (White Fly) Bears CDC Ephoron (White Fly)
Birds Stonefly Dry Fly Birds Stonefly Dry Fly
An Oldie but a Goodie and just a terrific Stonefly imitation
Black Gnat Dry Fly Black Gnat Dry Fly
An All Time Favorite for just about anywhere in the US
Blue Dun Dry Fly Blue Dun Dry Fly
A Classic Pattern to imitate any of the swimming nymph species
Blue Quill Dry Fly Blue Quill Dry Fly
A Classic Pattern that imitates Paraleptophlebia adoptivas but is often used as a generic Mayfly imitation
Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly
This is one of the Superhatches that exist across the US
California Mosquito California Mosquito
This is an old stand by classic pattern that works anywhere there are Mosquitos!
Callibaetis Quill Callibaetis Quill
Another beautiful quill body tie by the Master of all things Quill A.K. Best
Callibatis Dun Dry Fly Callibatis Dun Dry Fly
In a Speckled Dun hatch Trout can become very selective.
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