Dry Flies

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Candy Corn Candy Corn
There is a whole lot going on with this Attractor pattern that all starts with its head
Chucks Caddis Variant Dry Fly Chucks Caddis Variant Dry Fly
This is just a Good All Purpose Caddis Imitation created by Chuck Strananhan
Coffin Fly Coffin Fly
Really Good Late at Night for those big feeding Browns
Comparadun Dry Fly Comparadun Dry Fly
Excellent Cold Weather Pattern especially in Western waters
Deer Hair Bee Deer Hair Bee
This is a nifty little pattern that is just as home for Summertime Trout as it is for Panfish.
Designated Hitter Designated Hitter
A foam body Stonefly imitation that that comes in Golden,Skwala and Salmonfly color schemes
Diving Caddis Dry Fly Diving Caddis Dry Fly
A Gary LaFontain Design of a Female Egg-Laying Caddisfly
Elk Hair Caddis Dry Fly Elk Hair Caddis Dry Fly
One of the Top 10 Patterns of all time for use anywhere in the World
Female Adams Dry Fly Female Adams Dry Fly
This is the No. 1 Universal Attractor pattern of all time with a Yellow Egg Sac on the Butt
Foam Back Double Humpy Dry Fly Foam Back Double Humpy Dry Fly
Big Trout Just Love Them .... here size does matter
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