Dry Flies

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Sparkle Dun Dry Fly Sparkle Dun Dry Fly
Especially effective on Selective Fish this is really an Emerger
Stimulator Dry Fly (Kaufmanns) Stimulator Dry Fly (Kaufmanns)
A must in every Fly Box-There can be no better dry Stonefly Pattern
Strike Indicator Dry Fly Strike Indicator Dry Fly
Instead of using yarn, foam or other types of plastic bobbers use this highly visible Strike Indicator Dry Fly that does double duty.
Sulfur Dun Dry Fly Sulfur Dun Dry Fly
This is the perfect little Mayfly that gives us much hatch activity in the East and Midwest
Theo's Boatman Theo's Boatman
This is a real cool looking Boatman imitation with a shiny silver underside just as the natural looks.
Trico Cluster Trico Cluster
Tited of not being able to see your Trico imitation on the water? Well here is your answer!
Trico Dun-Loop Wing Dry Fly Trico Dun-Loop Wing Dry Fly
In a Trico Hatch Trout can become very selective
Trude Dry Fly Trude Dry Fly
A Go-Anywhere pattern that is a part of Fly Fishing History
Turck's Tarantula Turck's Tarantula
Water Boatman Water Boatman
The undisputed king of fishing calm water eddies
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