Midge & Emerger Flies

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Mayfly Cripple Dry Fly Mayfly Cripple Dry Fly
This is an excellent choice for the Tail End of a Pool after a Hatch
Midge Dry Fly Midge Dry Fly
On Stillwater - It's still a Small World After All and this is the pattern of choice
Morgan's Para-Midge Morgan's Para-Midge
Created by Craig Morgan and Eric Larsen as a good high floating and easy to see Midge imitation.
Partridge Emerger Fly Partridge Emerger Fly
A Soft Hackle Pattern that is still one of the deadliest Mayfly Emergers ever created
Poxyback Emerger Poxyback Emerger
This is Mike Mercer's famous emerger pattern that is so very effective in pre hatch situations
Poxyback Green Drake Emerger Fly Poxyback Green Drake Emerger Fly
This is the famous Eastern Green Drake; Ephemera guttulata that can produce dense hatches
Poxyback Hex Emerger Poxyback Hex Emerger
This is Mike Mercer's famous poxyback technique of nymph pattern construction applied to an emerger.
Rojo Midge Tungsten Rojo Midge Tungsten
Another colorful and effective midge larva imitation by Greg Garcia that works especially as a dropper or anchoring a multiple nymph set up.
Serendipity Emerger Fly Serendipity Emerger Fly
Designed to be fished in the Surface Film this pattern works great as a Dropper
Spotlight Caddis Emerger Spotlight Caddis Emerger
As Caddis emergers go this one is special, it rides high in the surface film and it is easy to see.
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