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Caddis Pupa Fly Caddis Pupa Fly
A Grand Pupa of an imitation-Also good for Midwestern Steelhead
Chironomid Pheasant Tail Pupa Chironomid Pheasant Tail Pupa
This is the Midge pupa with over 2000 species in North America, distribution of this important family of Aquatic Insects is everywhere
CZ Caddis CZ Caddis
Deep Sparkle Pupa Fly Deep Sparkle Pupa Fly
This is a Caddisfly Emerger to fish in the Surface Film
Drake Nymph Fly Drake Nymph Fly
Good imitation of this very prolific slow water dwelling Aquatic Insect
Flashback Hares Ear Nymph Flashback Hares Ear Nymph
The Flashback gives off extra attraction to this Classic Nymph Pattern
Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph
Very Natural general purpose Mayfly Nymph Imitation
Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph
This may well be the Number One Mayfly Nymph imitation of all time
Helgramite Nymph Helgramite Nymph
Great for fishing Lakes and also works well for Panfish
Hex Nymph Hex Nymph
Hex is the King of Slow Water pools and soft bottom stretches of Streams and Rivers
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