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Bears Neon Stone Fly Bears Neon Stone Fly
This pattern has plenty of subtle flash and is great for the Midwest Runs of Steelhead and Salmon
Bears PM Caddis Bears PM Caddis
If you like the PM Stone for Midwestern Steelhead you need to try this caddis pattern from Jeff "Bear" Andrews.
Bloody Mari Bead Head Nymph Bloody Mari Bead Head Nymph
This is a real interesting all purpose nymph imitation that resembles many different types of aquatic insects.
Boggie Woogie Caddis Nymph Boggie Woogie Caddis Nymph
As a trailer to a dual fly set up this Caddisfly imitation is great for the Midwest Steelhead Runs
Caddis Larva Caddis Larva
Wow - this is just a great looking Caddis Larva imitation that is just made for the spring Steelhead Run.
Clouser Swimming Nymph Clouser Swimming Nymph
This is a real good looking Nymph that works well in dark or stained water situations.
Flying Circus Caddis Nymph Flying Circus Caddis Nymph
This is a pattern with striking color contrast that works well in low or clear water conditions
Jelly Stone Nymph Jelly Stone Nymph
This is one of the new hot patterns for the Midwest Steelhead Runs
PM Stone Nymph PM Stone Nymph
For a long time this pattern has produced well not only on the Pere Marquette but also the other major Rivers of the Midwest
Psycho Prince Bead Head Nymph Psycho Prince Bead Head Nymph
Wild color contrast gives this general nymph imitation its ability to attract and catch fish
Sparkle Body Stone Nymph Sparkle Body Stone Nymph
Just a Killer Pattern that also works well on Midwestern Steelhead
Spring Wiggler Steelhead Fly Spring Wiggler Steelhead Fly
In a Red-Orange color variation this has long been one of our favorite Steelhead Nymphs for Steelhead both West and Midwest
Steelhead Candy Egg Fly Steelhead Candy Egg Fly
We really like this New Hot Pattern for Midwest Steelhead that works in almost any color combination