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8" Needlefish FFS 2/0 X 2/0 8" Needlefish FFS 2/0 X 2/0
Just a Killer pattern for large Cuda !!!!!!
Barrs Spork Barrs Spork
Now this is one interesting looking pattern that is worth a try.
Bisharat's Puckerlips Bisharat's Puckerlips
Another unique pattern for Warmwater Preaditors from Charlie Bisharat
Blue Ribbon Foam Emerger Blue Ribbon Foam Emerger
This pattern will fish high in the water and is easy to see
Bonefish Scampi Bonefish Scampi
Looks like a Rabbit Fur Gatcha that they love to eat it all day long!!!!
Bubbleicious Bubbleicious
With a name like that it just has to be good!!! This is a big, big fly at about 5" long.
Circus Peanut Circus Peanut
This is a long Articulated Streamer that gives off plenty of action.
Czech Catnip Czech Catnip
Even if you don't fish Czech style this is a great pattern to have !!!
Drum Food Drum Food
As the name says, this is a real good looking pattern for merky water situations
G/S Roosta Streamer Fly G/S Roosta Streamer Fly
We like the long tail/wing on this new look Deciever type pattern.
Gotcha Clouser Gotcha Clouser
Just what will they think of next.... A Clouser Deep Minnow tied in a Gotcha color scheme, thats what !!!!
Hochner's Defiant Crab Hochner's Defiant Crab
This is a new Crab pattern that we think is a winner.....
Jigged CDC Pheasant Tail Tungsten Bead Head Nymph Jigged CDC Pheasant Tail Tungsten Bead Head Nymph
A new look to one of the best all round mayfly imitations ever created
Jigged Hares EarTungsten Bead Head Nymph Jigged Hares EarTungsten Bead Head Nymph
If you haven't tried it, Jig Head nymphs really fish deep and with lots of action
Jigged PrinceTungsten Bead Head Nymph Jigged PrinceTungsten Bead Head Nymph
Now here is a nymph for fast pocket water and freestone streams
Keys Permit Crab Keys Permit Crab
WOW..... Look what we have here a real crab-looking pattern for the fly wary Permit of the Keys
McKnight's Rasta Puff McKnight's Rasta Puff
An updated more sexy varation of the famous Mini Puff
Mercer's Missing Link Mercer's Missing Link
Its almost like the stage between an emerger and a dun.....Just another creative new pattern from one of the Masters!
Peacock Cruiser Peacock Cruiser
What a beautiful pattern, the perfect color scheme for the off colored water of the Amazon and its tributaries.
Pike Snake Pike Snake
This is just an outstanding pattern for any freshwater predator
Schmidt's Reefer Mantis Schmidt's Reefer Mantis
Boy, do we like this sexy looking Bonefish pattern !!!!!!
Spark's Floating Spider Spark's Floating Spider
Ykes, this looks so real it will scare you....
Texas Ringworm Texas Ringworm
Man...Look at the size of this Bass Bait
Thunder Thighs Hopper Thunder Thighs Hopper
This Hopper Pattern fishes really big, a good choice when fishing for large browns
Umpqua Shad Pike Fly Umpqua Shad Pike Fly
New color scheme for this proven Killer pattern!!!
Umpqua Swimming Waterdog Umpqua Swimming Waterdog
Finally an imitation of one of the best Pike/Muskie plugs on the market