Steelhead Wet Flies

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Boss Steelhead Fly Boss Steelhead Fly
A long time West Coast Steelhead Pattern that still rules!
Brad's Bratt Steelhead Fly Brad's Bratt Steelhead Fly
An all season Steelhead Pattern that has a solid reputation for producing in the Pacific Northwest
Comet Steelhead Fly Comet Steelhead Fly
This is an easy to fish pattern that stays deep plus California Steelhead just Love to eat this fly
Fall Favorite Steelhead Fly Fall Favorite Steelhead Fly
Great Low water Fly that is on everyone's Top 10 Steelhead Patterns of all time List
Freight Train Steelhead Fly Freight Train Steelhead Fly
This is one of the top producing Steelhead patterns of the Pacific Northwest and just a superb summer Steelhead choice.
Green Butt Skunk Steelhead Fly Green Butt Skunk Steelhead Fly
One of the Top 10 Steelhead Patterns of All Time especially effective in the Pacific Northwest
Max Canyon Steelhead Fly Max Canyon Steelhead Fly
This pattern has a well designed color scheme to fish Fall/Winter Steelhead, it has a solid reputation for the waters of the Pacific Northwest
Orange Blossom Steelhead Fly Orange Blossom Steelhead Fly
This pattern is a great Low water Fly for Summer Run Steelhead
Polar Shrimp Steelhead Fly Polar Shrimp Steelhead Fly
Use it Anywhere with Confidence-Especially good for Late Season Runs and Alaska Rainbows
Purple Peril Steelhead Fly Purple Peril Steelhead Fly
A Classic Pattern that should be on everyone's short list for Clear Water situations
Royal Coachman Steelhead Fly Royal Coachman Steelhead Fly
One of Americas best known and loved patterns of all time converted to a Hairwing
Skunk Steelhead Fly Skunk Steelhead Fly
This pattern is also on everyone's Top 10 List for fishing the Pacific Northwest
Skykomish Sunrise Steelhead Fly Skykomish Sunrise Steelhead Fly
The Color Contrast in this pattern make it a great choice for many types of Steelhead situations
Surgeon General Steelhead Fly Surgeon General Steelhead Fly
This is a great Low Water Fly that has wonderful color contrast and has become especially effective for West Coast Summer Run Steelhead
Veiled Assassin Steelhead Fly Veiled Assassin Steelhead Fly
A great Winter Steelhead Pattern that works well all along the West Coast all the way up to Alaska