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10" Black Attack Tube Fly

10" Bleeding Mackerel Tube Fly

10" Squid Tube Fly

10" Trimble Shark Tube Fly

10/0 Comb's Big Game Tandem Hook Rigs

12 Month Freshwater GIFT Membership

12 Month Freshwater Membership

12 Month Saltwater GIFT Membership

12 Month Saltwater Membership

12" Aussie Red Head Scad Fly 8/0X8/0 Tandem Hooks

12" Aussie Scad Tube Fly

12" Blue Back Tube Fly

12" Master Sailfish Mackerel Fly 8/0X8/0 Tandem Hooks

12" Squid Tube Fly

14" Blue Master Marlin Fly 10/0X10/0 Tandem Hooks

14" Green Master Marlin Fly 10/0X10/0 Tandem Hooks

14" Mackerel Tube Fly

14" Mean Joe Green Tube Fly

14" Wahoo Tube Fly

20 Incher

3 Month Freshwater GIFT Membership

3 Month Freshwater Membership

3 Month Saltwater GIFT Membership

3 Month Saltwater Membership

4" Alf Stir Fry Fly

4" Baja Baitfish Fly

4/0 Comb's Big Game Tandem Hook Rigs

5 " Pole Dancer- 1/0 Size

5" Alf Ultrabait Fly

5" Ballyhoo Fly

5" Blue Back Cut Bait Fly

5" Cortez Sardina Fly

5" Green Back Cut Bait Fly

5" Mark's Sardina Fly

5" Pacific Sardina Fly

5" Squid Fly 3/0 Single Hook

5/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Tandem Hook Rigs

6 Month Freshwater GIFT Membership

6 Month Freshwater Membership

6 Month Saltwater GIFT Membership

6 Month Saltwater Membership

6" Mexican Flag Fly

6" Queen Fish Fly

6" Squid Fly 4/0 Single Hook

6/0 Comb's Big Game Tandem Hook Rigs

7" Ballyhoo Fly 6/0X5/0 Tandem Hooks

7" Menhaden Fly 6/0 Single Hook

7" PFP Needlefish Fly

7" Pole Dancer- Size 5/0, Brown/White

7" Pole Dancer- 5/0 Size, Fire Tiger

7" Pole Dancer- Size 5/0, Black

7" Pole Dancer- Size 5/0, Rainbow

7" Squid Fly 6/0X5/0 Tandem Hooks

7" Wahoo Fly 5/0 Single Hook

7/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Tandem Hook Rigs

8" Green Mackerel Fly 8/0 Single Hook

8" Hot Fish Fly 6/0X6/0 Tandem Hooks

8" Needlefish FFS 2/0 X 2/0

8/0 Comb's Big Game Tandem Hook Rigs

9" Blue Mackerel Fly 6/0X5/0 Tandem Hooks

9" Indian Ocean Mackerel Fly 8/0X7/0 Tandem Hooks

9" Mackerel Fly 6/0X5/0 Tandem Hooks

9" Wahoo Fly 8/0X7/0 Tandem Hooks


A.K.'s PMD Quill

Action Crab

Adams Dry Fly

Adams Moosetail

Adams Superfly

Adult Damsel Dry Fly

Aerial Assult

Akiyamago Hayashi Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Black Silk, C13-U Hook

Akiyamago Hayashi Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Black Silk, C15-BV Hook

Akiyamago Hayashi Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Red Silk, C13-U Hook

Akiyamago Hayashi Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Red Silk, C15-BV Hook

Akiyamago Hayashi Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Yellow Silk, C13-U Hook

Akiyamago Hayashi Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Yellow Silk, C15-BV Hook

Akiyamago Yamada Kebari - Dry Fly/Brown

Akiyamago Yamada Kebari - Dry Fly/Cream

Akiyamago Yamada Kebari - Dry Fly/Grizzly

AK's Mellon Quill

AK's Olive Dun Quill

Alaska Guide Fly Selection-42 Flies

Alaska Master Fly Selection-81Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Alaska Standard Fly Selection-23 Flies

Alaskabou Spey Fly

Alberto's Shrimp

Albright Shrimp Fly

Alder Fly

Alf Nursery Schooler Anchovy

Alf Stir Fry Eel Fly

American Eel Fly

American March Brown Dry Fly

Amy's Ant

Anderson's Reducer Saltwater Fly

Ant Misbehavin Terrestrial Dry Fly

Articulated Flesh Fly

Articulated Leech Fly

Attract-Ant Terrestrial Fly


Babine Special Egg Fly

Baby Tarpon Shrimp

Backcountry Sweeper Saltwater Fly

Backstabber Carp Fly

Bahamas Guide Fly Selection-32 Flies

Bahamas Master Fly Selection-56 Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Bahamas Special Bonefish Fly

Bahamas Standard Fly Selection-13 Flies

Banana Peel Bonefish Fly

Bandit Leech Fly

Banger Saltwater Popper

Barrs Spork

Barr's Uncased Caddis Tungsten

Barry's Carp Fly

Barry's Pike Fly

Bass Popper with Legs

Bass Popper without Legs

Bat Wing Emerger Fly

Bauer's Flats Crab

Bauers Mantis Shrimp

BC Dropper Hopper

Beadle Sardine Saltwater Fly

Bear Back Skwala

Bears CDC Ephoron (White Fly)

Bears Crystal Egg Fly

Bears Fuzz Buster

Bear's Hex Nymph

Bear's Hi-Viz Brown Drake

Bear's Hi-Viz Yellow Drake

Bears Neon Stone Fly

Bear's Para Isonychia (Slate Drake)

Bears PM Caddis

Belize Bonefish Selection

Belize/Yucatan Guide Fly Selection-35 Flies

Belize/Yucatan Master Fly Selection-58 Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Belize/Yucatan Standard Fly Selection-15 Flies

Bendback Minnow Saltwater Fly

Berry's Super Stone Nymph

Big Boy Popper

Big Eye Baitfish Saltwater Fly

Big Eye Squid Fly

Big Eye Tarpon Fly

Big Fish Fly

Big Horn Shrimp Fly

Big Secret Hopper

Billfish Guide Fly Selection- 15 Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Billfish Master Fly Selection- 25 Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Billfish Standard Fly Selection- 7 Flies

Billfish Tube Fly Selection- 5 Flies

Biot Epoxy Stone Fly

Birds Nest Nymph

Birds Stonefly Dry Fly

Bisharat's Puckerlips

Bitch Creek Nymph

Black Death Tarpon Fly

Black Dose Hairwing Salmon Fly

Black Gnat Dry Fly

Blind Crab Surf Fly

Bloody Mari Bead Head Nymph

Blue Charm Hairwing Salmon Fly

Blue Dun Dry Fly

Blue Quill Dry Fly

Blue Ribbon Foam Emerger

Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly

Boggie Woogie Caddis Nymph

Bomber Salmon Dry Fly

Bonafide Crab

Bone Crusher Bonefish Fly

Bone Toad

Bonefish Bitters Crab Fly

Bonefish Clouser Bonefish Fly

Bonefish Critter Bonefish Fly

Bonefish Guide Fly Selection-36 Flies

Bonefish Mai Tai Flats Fly

Bonefish Master Fly Selection-54 Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Bonefish Scampi

Bonefish Special Bonefish Fly

Bonefish Standard Fly Selection-17 Flies

Bonefish Worm Fly

Boneyard Shrimp Bonefish Fly

Boss Steelhead Fly

Brad's Bratt Steelhead Fly

Braided Barracuda Fly

Branham's Crayfish Fly

Branham's Shrimp Bonefish Fly

Brass Blue/Black Tube Fly

Brass Chartreuse/Black Tube Fly

Brass Purple/Black Tube Fly

Brass Purple/Pink Tube Fly

Brassie Bead Head Nymph

Brassie Nymph

Bread-N-Butter Bonefish Fly

Brown Paradrake Parachute Dry Fly

Bruja Crab Permit Flt


Bunny Gotcha Bonefish Fly

Bunny Leech Fly

Burk's Adult Damsel Dry Fly

Butt Munch Beetle


Caddis Candy

Caddis Larva

Caddis Larva Fly

Caddis Larva-LaFontaine's

Caddis Pupa Bead Head Fly

Caddis Pupa Fly

Caleb's Bee

California Guide Trout Selection-UPG Fly Box- 56 Flies

California Mosquito

Callibaetis Quill

Callibatis Dun Dry Fly

Callibatis Spinner Fly

Candy Corn

Candy Eel Saltwater Fly

Captain Crabby Permit Fly

Carls Cicada

Carp Standard Fly Selection-10 Flies

Cased Caddis Tungsten Nymph

Cathy's Fleeing Crab Fly

CDC Biot Spinner Fly

CDC Emerger Fly

Charlie's Airhead Fly

Charlies Giant Airhead Rainbow

Chernobyl Ant Fly

Chernobyl Crab Fly

Chernobyl Juicy Bug Dry Fly

Chili Pepper Bonefish Fly

Chironomid Pheasant Tail Pupa

Chironomid Pupa

Christmas Island Guide Fly Selection

Christmas Island Special Bonefish Fly

Chucks Caddis Variant Dry Fly

Circus Peanut

Clarks Cicada Dry Fly

Clear Wing Hex Spinner

Clouser Baby Smallmouth Fly

Clouser Deep Minnow Fly

Clouser Swimming Nymph

Clouser's Crayfish Fly

Clouser's Darter Smallmouth Fly

Clown Egg Fly

Cockroach Tarpon Fly

Coffin Fly

Comet Steelhead Fly

Comparadun Dry Fly

Conehead Kiwi Muddler Fly

Conehead Wooly Sculpin Fly

Copper John Bead Head Nymph (The Original )

Corbina Candy Surf Fly

Cowen's Baitfish Fly

Cowen's Magnum Baitfish Big Game Fly

Cowen's Tarpon Baitfish Fly

Craves Wobbler Saltwater Fly

Crayfish Bugger Fly

Crazy Charlie Bonefish Fly

Crease Fly

Crimp Saltwater Fly

Cruiser Anchovy

Crystal Damsel Dragon Bass Fly

Crystal Lite Bonefish Fly

Crystal Wing Spinner Fly

Cuda Fly

CZ Caddis

CZ Caddis Tungsten

Czech Catnip


Damsel Nymph Fly

Dancing Frog Bass Fly

Darting Coral Shrimp

Daves Black Beetle Terrestrial Dry Fly

Dave's Carpenter Ant Dry Fly

Dave's Cricket Terrestrial Dry Fly

Dave's Hopper Terrestrial Dry Fly

Deep Candy Saltwater Fly

Deep Sparkle Pupa Fly

Deer Hair Bee

Deerhair Bass Bug Fly

Deerhair Mouse Bass Fly

Del's Merkin Crab Fly

Deluxe Bonefish Selection in UPG Fly Box

Designated Hitter

Diving Caddis Dry Fly

Diving Minnow Deerhair Bass Fly

Double Egg and Sperm Fly

Dragon Nymph Fly

Drake Nymph Fly

Drowned Trico Spinner

Drum Food


E/C Caddis Fly - Cutters

Eastern Guide Trout Selection-UPG Fly Box- 46 Flies

Egans Headstand

Egg Fly

Egg Sucking Crystal Leech Fly

Egg Sucking Leech Fly

Egg Sucking Rag Sculpin Fly

Egg Sucking String Leech Fly

Electric Bill Billfish Fly

Elk Hair Caddis Dry Fly

Emergent Sparkle Pupa Fly

Emerger Thing

Everglades Gurgler Fly

EZ Squid Saltwater Fly


Fall Favorite Steelhead Fly

Fat Albert Slider

Fat Head Beetle


Female Adams Dry Fly

Fire Bug

Flashback Hares Ear Nymph

Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph

Flashtail Deep Minnow, Blanton's

Flashtail Whistler Big Game Fly

Flashy Cripple

Flats Boss Bonefish Fly

Fleeing Crab Bonefish Fly

Flesh & Egg Fly

Flesh Candy Fly

Florida Keys Flats Guide Fly Selection-36 Flies

Florida Keys Flats Master Fly Selection- 48 Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Florida Keys Flats Standard Fly Selection-20 Flies

Flutter Bug

Flutter Eel Fly

Fly Family Selection - Adams Dry Flies

Fly Family Selection - Damsel Flies

Fly Family Selection - Hairwing Wulff Dry Flies

Fly Family Selection - Hi Viz Parachute Dry Flies

Fly Family Selection - Hopper/Dropper

Fly Family Selection - Quill Body Dry Flies

Flying Ant Tesstrial Dry Fly

Flying Circus Caddis Nymph

Foam Back Double Humpy Dry Fly

Foam Body Dry Damsel

Foam Body Paradamsel

Foam Caddis Dry Fly- Puterbaugh's

Foam Hex

Foam Salmonfly

Foam Sponge Spider Panfish Fly

Foamster Spider


Fools Gold Crab Fly

FOTMC Top Selling 20 Dry Flies of all time

FOTMC Top Selling 20 Nymph and Streamer patterns of all time

Foxy Crab Fly

Freight Train Steelhead Fly

Fujioka Kebari - Soft Wet Hackle/Black

Fujioka Kebari - Soft Wet Hackle/Ginger

Fujioka Kebari - Soft Wet Hackle/Tan

Fur Ant Terrestrial Dry Fly

Fuzzy Fiber Baitfish Fly


G/S Roosta Streamer Fly

Geezus Lizard, Zimmerman's

Gen-X Bunny Big Game Fly

Giant Black Rogue Foam Stone

Giant Pink Squid Big Game Fly

Gift Certificate

Ginger Quill Dry Fly

Glades Minnow Saltwater Fly

Glass Minnow Saltwater Fly

Go To Hell Variant Dry Fly

Goddard Caddis Dry Fly

Gold & Brown Shrimp

Gold Bead Crystal Bugger Fly

Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph

Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Tungsten Bead Head Nymph

Gotcha Bonefish Fly

Gotcha Clouser

Grass Shrimp Bonefish Fly

Gray Drake - Paradrake

Gray Fox

Gray Fox Dry Fly

Gray Fox Variant Dry Fly

Gray Ghost

Great Lakes Salmon/Steelhead Guide Fly Selection-45 Flies

Great Lakes Salmon/Steelhead Master Fly Selection-75 Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Great Lakes Salmon/Steelhead Standard Fly Selection-20 Flies

Green Butt Black Bear Hairwing Salmon Fly

Green Butt Buck Bug Salmon Dry Fly

Green Butt Skunk Steelhead Fly

Green Cassaboom Hairwing Salmon Fly

Green Drake Dry Fly (Lawson's)

Green Drake Parawulff Dry Fly

Green Highlander Hairwing Salmon Fly

Green Machine

Green Paradrake Parachute Dry Fly

Greg's Flats Fly

Griffith's Gnat

GT Triple Double

Guides Choice Hares Ear Tungsten Bead Head Nymph

Gujo Kebari - Dry Fly/Black with Red Hook

Gujo Kebari - Dry Fly/Brown with Red Hook

Gujo Kebari - Dry Fly/Tan with Red Hook

Gulper Special Parachute Dry Fly

Gummy Tarpon Worm

Gus Crab Fly


H&L Variant Dry Fly

Half and Half Saltwater Fly

Hammerhead Jerk Bait

Hanley's Beach Ball Surf Fly

Hares Ear Bead Head Nymph

Headlight Caddis Parachute Dry Fly

Headlight Sally Parachute Dry Fly

Helgramite Nymph

Hemingway Caddis

Hendrickson Dry Fly

Hendrickson Spinner Fly

Henry's Fork Golden Stone Dry Fly

Henry's Fork Salmon Fly

Hex Adult Dry Fly

Hex Cripple Dry Fly

Hex Nymph

Hex Spinner Dry Fly

Hex Spinner-Lucca's

Hexagena Limbata Dun Dry Fly

Hexagenia Spinner

Hi Viz Parachute Dun Dry Fly

Hightower's Billfish Fly

Hochner's Defiant Crab

Holly Foam Damsel Fly

Hot Flash Minnow Saltwater Fly

Hot Legged Hopper Terrestrial Dry Fly

Hula Damsel

Humpy Dry Fly

Hunchback Scud Fly


Imitator Shrimp Bonefish Fly

Improved Golden Stone Dry Fly

Improved Sofa Pillow Dry Fly

Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - Green Drake

Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - BWO

Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - Cahill

Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - Callibaetis

Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - Hendrickson

Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - March Brown

Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - PMD

Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - Sulfur

Insect Life Cycle Fly Selection - Trico

Insect Life Cycle-Hexagena Limbata

Interceptor Bonefish Fly

Irresistible Cricket Fly

Irresistible Dry Fly

Ishigaki Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Barred Ginger, C12-B Hook

Ishigaki Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Black, C12-B Red Hook

Ishigaki Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Ginger, C15-BV Hook

Ishigaki Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Ginger, R10-BN Hook

Ishigaki Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Gray, C15-BV Hook

Ishigaki Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Gray, R10-BN Hook

Ishigaki Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Grizzly, C15-BV Hook

Ishigaki Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Grizzly, R10-BN Hook

Ishigaki Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Olive, C12-B Red Hook

Ishigaki Kebari - Reverse Hackle/White, C15BV Hook

Ishigaki Kebari - Reverse Hackle/White, R10-BN Hook


Jack Scott Full Dress Featherwing Fly

Janssen's Minnow Fly

Jelly Stone Nymph

Jigged CDC Pheasant Tail Tungsten Bead Head Nymph

Jigged Hares EarTungsten Bead Head Nymph

Jigged PrinceTungsten Bead Head Nymph

Joe's Hopper Terrestrial Dry Fly

Joe's Prawn Fly

Juju Baetis Nymph

Juju PMD Nymph


Key Bone Permit Crab Fly

Keys Permit Crab

Kuan-Bead Chain Bonefish Fly

Kung Fu Crab Permit Fly

Kwan-Lead Eye Bonefish Fly

Kyoto Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Herl&Blue Dun

Kyoto Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Herl&Cream

Kyoto Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Herl&Ginger


Laid-Up Tarpon Fly

Lake Dragon Nymph Fly

Largemouth Bass Guide Fly Selection-15 Flies

Largemouth Bass Master Fly Selection-28 Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Largemouth Bass Standard Fly Selection-10 Flies

Lefty's Big Fish Deceiver Saltwater Fly

Lefty's Deceiver Saltwater Fly

Lefty's Shark/Cuda Fly

Light Cahill Dun Dry Fly

Light Cahill Parachute

Little Trout Streamer Fly

Little Yellow Stone Female Dry Fly

Loco Hexagena Dry Fly

Loopwing Paradun Dry Fly


Madam X Dry Fly

Magic Squid Fly

Magnum Mullet Big Game Saltwater Fly

Major Bunker Saltwater Fly

Major Herring Saltwater Fly

Major Mullet Saltwater Fly

Major Sardine Saltwater Fly

Mangrove Critter Saltwater Fly

Mantis Shrimp - Veverka

Marabou Spey Fly

March Brown Nymph

March Brown Spinner Fly

March Brown-Flick's

Matuka Sculpin Fly

Matuka Streamer Fly

Max Canyon Steelhead Fly

Mayfly Cripple Dry Fly

Mc Crab Permit Fly

McKnight's Rasta Puff

Meat Whistle, Barr's

Mega Diver Fly

Megalopsicle Tarpon Fly

Mercer's Missing Link

Messinger's Frog Bass Fly

Meth Egg

Micro Egg Fly

Micro Popper

Micro Slider

Micro Spaun Egg Fly

Midge Dry Fly

Midnight Mullet

Mighty Mouse

Mini Deerhair Popper

Mini Hot, Garcia's Dry Fly

Mini Mouse

Moose Turd Dry Fly

Morgan's Para-Midge

Mosquito Dry Fly

Mothers Day Caddis

Mouserat Deehair Fly

Mr Rapidan Parachute

Mr. Rapidan

Muddler Minnow Streamer Fly

Muddy Mari Rubberlegs

Multicolor Minnow Fly


Nathan's Magic Spey Fly

Natural Crab

Nealley's Green Drake Dry Fly

Nealley's Hex Adult Dry Fly

Near Nuff Sculpin Fly

Net Builder Caddis

Nikko Kebari - Soft Wet Hackle/Ginger

Nikko Kebari - Soft Wet Hackle/Tan

Nikko Kebari - Soft Wet Hackle/White

Nix's Epoxy Bonefish Fly


Orange Blossom Steelhead Fly

Orange Butt Tarpon Fly

Ostrich Spey Fly

Outrigger Caddis


Pacific Sand Lance Surf Fly

Pacific Smelt Surf Fly

Pale Morning Dun Dry Fly (PMD)

Panfish Popper

Panfish Popper Standard Selection-20 Flies

Panfish Spider Foam Body Fly

Parachute Damsel Dry Fly

Parachute Dun Dry Fly

Parachute Hopper Terrestrial Dry Fly- Schroeder's

Parachute Madam X Dry Fly

ParaEmerger Fly

ParaWulff Parachute Dry Fly

Partridge Emerger Fly

Pate's Billfish Fly

Pate's Billfish Tube Fly

Peacock Agitator Big Game Fly

Peacock Bass Standard Fly Selection-10 Flies

Peacock Caddis Dry Fly

Peacock Cruiser

Peacock Deception Big Game Fly

Pearly Popper

Peeking Caddis Nymph

Pencil Popper

Periodic Cicada

Permit Guide Fly Selection-20 Flies

Permit Standard Fly Selection-10 Flies


Pete's Mackerel Big Game Fly

Pete's Slider Big Game Fly

Pheasant Tail Bead Head Nymph

Pheasant Tail Nymph

Piconi's Prowler Surf Fly

Pike Fly

Pike Snake

Pike/Muskie Guide Fly Selection-10 Flies

Pike/Muskie Standard Fly Selection-5 Flies

Pink Cahill

Plastic Black/BlueTube Fly

Plastic Black/Chartreuse Tube Fly

Plastic Black/Red Tube Fly

Plastic Orange Tube Fly

Plastic Red/Blue Tube Fly

PM Stone Nymph

Polar Shrimp Steelhead Fly

Ponoi Green Hairwing Salmon Fly

Poon Food Tarpon Fly

Poxyback Emerger

Poxyback Green Drake Emerger Fly

Poxyback Hex Emerger

Poxyback Nymph

Prince Nymph Bead Head Nymph

Propeller Cuda Fly

Psycho Prince Bead Head Nymph

Punkbait Big Game Fly

Purple Peril Steelhead Fly


Q's Beach Bug Surf Fly

Quasimodo Pheasant Tail Bead Head Nymph

Quill Gordon Dry Fly


Rag Head Crab Fly

Rag Hellgrammite Tungsten Bead Head Fly

Rag Hex Nymph Fly

Rag Stone Tungsten Bead Head Nymph

Rapidan ParaWulff

Rat Face McDougal Dry Fly

Rattle Crab Permit Fly

Rattle Mullet Saltwater Fly

Rattlin Minnow Saltwater Fly

Razmataz-Bead Chain Saltwater Fly

Razmataz-Lead Eye Saltwater Fly

Red Can Squid Saltwater Fly

Red Quill Dry Fly

Redfish Fly

Redfish/Seatrout Guide Fly Selection-19 Flies

Redfish/Seatrout Master Fly Selection-36 Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Redfish/Seatrout Standard Fly Selection-10 Flies

Redfishers Rootbeer Redfish Fly

Reducer Peacock Bass Fly


RM Needlefish Saltwater Fly

Rockies Guide Trout Selection-UPG Fly Box-52 Flies

Rojo Midge Tungsten

Rouge Foam Stone

Royal Coachman Dry Fly

Royal Coachman Steelhead Fly

Rubber Leg Copper John Tungsten Bead Head Nymph

Rubber Legged Red Fox Squirrel Bead Head Nymph

Rubber Legged Stone Bead Head Nymph

Rubber Legged Stone Nymph

Rubberleg Copper John Tungsten Nymph


Sakasa Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Black with Red Hook

Sakasa Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Cream with Red Hook

Sakasa Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Gray with Red Hook

Salmon/Steelhead Dry Fly Selection- 23 Flies

Salmon/Steelhead Egg Fly Selection- 52 Flies

Salt Crab Fly

Salt Shrimp Fly

Saltwater Popper

San Juan Worm Fly

San Pedro Crab Fly

Sandy's Cracked Crab Fly

Sasquatch Streamer Fly

Schmidt's Reefer Mantis

Scud Bead Head Nymph

Sea Habit Billfish Tube Fly

Sea Habit Bucktail Saltwater Fly

Sea Habit Tube Fly

Sea Spoon Bonefish Fly

September Sunset Spey Fly

Serendipity Emerger Fly

Sexy Sixties Crab - Tollett's

Shad Fly

Shenandoah Chugger

Shenandoah Popper

Shimmer Panfish Bass Fly

Signal Light Steelhead Fly

Sili Legs Bonefish Fly

Silicone Slider Saltwater Fly

Silver Doctor Hairwing Salmon Fly

Skunk Steelhead Fly

Skykomish Sunrise Steelhead Fly

Sloan's Mighty May Nymph

Slow Water Caddis Dry Fly

Smallmouth Bass Standard Fly Selection-10 Flies

Snook Standard Fly Selection-11 Flies

Snook-A-Roo Saltwater Fly

Softshell Crayfish Fly

Spanish Fly

Spanish Snook Saltwater Fly

Sparkle Body Stone Nymph

Sparkle Dun Dry Fly

Sparkle Spawn

Spark's Floating Spider

Sparky Tarpon Fly

Spent Damsel-Dragon Bass Fly

Spent Hopper Dry Fly

Spoon Fly

Spot On Baitfish Fly

Spotlight Caddis Emerger

Spotlight Emerger

Spring Wiggler Steelhead Fly


Spruce Streamer Fly

Squid Fly

Squid-Sicle Squid Fly

Squimp Bonefish Fly

Starlite Leech

Steelhead Bee Dry Fly

Steelhead Candy Egg Fly

Steelhead Skater Surface Fly

Stimulator Dry Fly (Kaufmanns)

Stinger Stone Bead Head Nymph

Stone Nymph

Strike Indicator Dry Fly

Striped Bass Guide Fly Selection-21 Flies

Striped Bass Master Fly Selection-40 Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Striped Bass Standard Fly Selection-8 Flies

Striper Swiper Saltwater Fly

Sulfur Dun Dry Fly

Sulfur Spinner Fly

Sunfish Bass Fly

Super Charlie Bonefish Fly

Super Gotcha Bonefish Fly

Super Swimming Shrimp Bonefish Fly

Supreme Hair Shrimp Bonefish Fly

Surf Candy Saltwater Fly

Surfin Merkin Fly

Surgeon General Steelhead Fly

Swamp Rabbit Tarpon Fly

Sweeney's Billfish Tube Fly

Sweetgrass Hopper

Swimming Carp Fly

Swimming Crab Fly


Tail Chaser

Tailwater Sowbug, Tungsten

Takayama Sakasa Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Black with Red Hook

Takayama Sakasa Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Red with Red Hook

Takayama Sakasa Kebari - Reverse Hackle/Tan with Red Hook

Tandem 4/0X4/0 Needlefish Fly

Tarpon Bunny Tarpon Fly

Tarpon Glow Tarpon Fly

Tarpon Guide Fly Selection-20 Flies

Tarpon Master Fly Selection-40 Flies in Multiple Fly Boxes

Tarpon Standard Fly Selection-8 Flies

Tarpon Tapas

Tarpon Toad II Marabou Tarpon Fly

Tarpon Toad Tarpon Fly

Tarpon Worm Tarpon Fly

Tellico Nymph

Texas Ringworm

Theo's Boatman

THI Needelfish Fly

Thin Skin Caddis Larva

Thin Skin Caddis Pupa

Thunder & Lightning Hairwing Salmon Fly

Thunder Thighs Hopper

Tiger Popper Bass Fly

Todd's Wiggle Minnow

Transparants Terrestrial Dry Fly

Trico Cluster

Trico Dun-Loop Wing Dry Fly

Trico Female Poly Spinner Fly

Trico Male Poly Spinner Fly

Triple Threat Flats Fly

Triple Threat Tarpon Fly

Trout Guide Fly Selection-78 Flies

Trout Guide Selection-UPG Fly Box-78 Flies

Trout Master Fly Selection-146 Flies

Trout Standard Fly Selection-40 Flies

Trout Starter Fly Selection-142 Flies

Trout Ultimate Fly Selection-190 Flies

Trude Dry Fly

Tubeology Deluxe Fly Tyers Set

Tubeology High Water Fly Tyers Set

Tubeology Low Water Fly Tyers Set

Tubeology Nano Beginner Fly Tyers Set

Tubeology Rookie Kit (No Storage Bag)

Tungsten Bead Head Nymph Selection- 38 Flies

Turck's Tarantula

Turneffe Crab Bonefish Fly


Ultra Shrimp Saltwater Fly

Umpqua Cuda Fly

Umpqua Frog Pike Fly

Umpqua Green Drake

Umpqua Red/White Pike Fly

Umpqua Shad Pike Fly

Umpqua Swimming Baitfish

Umpqua Swimming Frog Fly

Umpqua Swimming Waterdog

Undertaker Hairwing Salmon Fly


Veiled Assassin Steelhead Fly

Vibra Minnow Redfish Fly

Vladi's Nymph-Josef

Vladi's Nymph-Vistula


Waller Waker Surface Steelhead Fly

Water Boatman

WD 40

Web Wing Caddis Dry Fly

Wiggle Lemming Articulated Streamer Fly

Wigglelegs Frog

Wired Stonefly

Workin Merkin Permit Fly

Wulff - Royal Lime

Wulff Dry Fly


X Caddis Dry Fly


Yamagata Sendai Kebari - Dry Fly/Black

Yamagata Sendai Kebari - Dry Fly/Brown

Yamagata Sendai Kebari - Dry Fly/Cream

Yanks Assassin

Yanks Assassin Saltwater Fly

Yellow Jacket Terrestrial Dry Fly

Yucatan Special Bonefish Fly


Zug Bug Bead Head Nymph

Zug Bug Nymph

Z-Wing Caddis Pupa

Z-Wing Caddis Tungsten Bead Head Pupa