Roosterfish Flies

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4" Baja Baitfish Fly 4" Baja Baitfish Fly
This West Coast pattern has proven itself worthy to cast on either side of the Continent as a good baitfish imitation.
4" Alf Stir Fry Fly 4" Alf Stir Fry Fly
From the famous Alf Series of flies designed by Bill and Kate Howe we have Alf Stir Fry.
5" Alf Ultrabait Fly 5" Alf Ultrabait Fly
The name "Ultrabait" truly fits this marvelous, universal baitfish imitation from Bill and Kate Howe.
5" Ballyhoo Fly 5" Ballyhoo Fly
A multicolor Ballyhoo imitation that looks very much like the natural and everything in the Ocean eats Ballyhoo.
5" Cortez Sardina Fly 5" Cortez Sardina Fly
At 5" long this West Coast Sardine imitation gives off lots of flash with substantial body size, a winner for sure.
5" Mark's Sardina Fly 5" Mark's Sardina Fly
A West Coast Sardine imitation from Mark Bachmann that cuts a nice profile and best of all is really fishy looking.
5" Pacific Sardina Fly 5" Pacific Sardina Fly
Here is another West Coast Sardine imitation at 5" long that really shows well in the water with its Olive/Blue/White color combination.
6" Queen Fish Fly 6" Queen Fish Fly
This pattern really does resemble a Queen Fish (Scomberoidinae sp.) colored Grey and White and 5" long.
6" Mexican Flag Fly 6" Mexican Flag Fly
With colors of Green, Red and White this 6" baitfish imitation really lights up the water.
Alf Nursery Schooler Anchovy Alf Nursery Schooler Anchovy
This is a real easy to cast life-like anchovy imitation that works on many species of Saltwater fish.
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