Jacks/Snapper/Grouper/Cabria Flies

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4" Alf Stir Fry Fly 4" Alf Stir Fry Fly
From the famous Alf Series of flies designed by Bill and Kate Howe we have Alf Stir Fry.
4" Baja Baitfish Fly 4" Baja Baitfish Fly
This West Coast pattern has proven itself worthy to cast on either side of the Continent as a good baitfish imitation.
Clouser Deep Minnow Fly Clouser Deep Minnow Fly
One of the most Successful Patterns Ever Created for anything that eats baitfish
Cruiser Anchovy Cruiser Anchovy
Just a good, all-round Baitfish imitation at home on either coast.
Everglades Gurgler Fly Everglades Gurgler Fly
Made for the Back Country this pattern has become our favorite top water Tarpon fly, a must-have for those special quiet morning times.
Fuzzy Fiber Baitfish Fly Fuzzy Fiber Baitfish Fly
This Baitfish pattern is made of Fuzzy Fiber, an Ultra fine, non-absorbent synthetic material that adds substance to the profile without weight.
Half and Half Saltwater Fly Half and Half Saltwater Fly
When two great fishing minds come together this is what you get
Hammerhead Jerk Bait Hammerhead Jerk Bait
A real good weedless back country pattern for casting into the Mangrove root pockets where big fish hide and wait.
Lefty's Deceiver Saltwater Fly Lefty's Deceiver Saltwater Fly
A Truly Universal Pattern for Saltwater fishing Anywhere in the World
Spoon Fly Spoon Fly
This is a Dandy Spoon Fly with plenty of gold flash and an excellent minnow design by Cade Burgdorf.
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