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Deep Sparkle Pupa Fly Deep Sparkle Pupa Fly
This is a Caddisfly Emerger to fish in the Surface Film
Z-Wing Caddis Pupa Z-Wing Caddis Pupa
A Good Choice for a Dropper and an excellent Caddis representation
Caddis Pupa Fly Caddis Pupa Fly
A Grand Pupa of an imitation-Also good for Midwestern Steelhead
Caddis Pupa Bead Head Fly Caddis Pupa Bead Head Fly
A must in every Fly Box-Excellent dead drift Pupa imitation
Caddis Larva Fly Caddis Larva Fly
Use this pattern in Fast Water that flows over rock laden bottoms
CZ Caddis Tungsten CZ Caddis Tungsten
Caddis Larva-LaFontaine's Caddis Larva-LaFontaine's
From the Guru of all things Caddis comes just a perfect Larva imitation.
Barr's Uncased Caddis Tungsten Barr's Uncased Caddis Tungsten
John Barr gives us this terrific pattern that imitates many of the various species free-living caddis larva that do not build cases.
Net Builder Caddis Net Builder Caddis
These are the caseless caddis that inhabit the riffles, runs and pocket water of most freestone streams.
Bears PM Caddis Bears PM Caddis
If you like the PM Stone for Midwestern Steelhead you need to try this caddis pattern from Jeff "Bear" Andrews.
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