The Drakes

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20 Incher 20 Incher
As the Name Implies!
Drake Nymph Fly Drake Nymph Fly
Good imitation of this very prolific slow water dwelling Aquatic Insect
Poxyback Nymph Poxyback Nymph
Extremely Effective and Lifelike Design that can represent many species of Mayflies
Poxyback Green Drake Emerger Fly Poxyback Green Drake Emerger Fly
This is the famous Eastern Green Drake; Ephemera guttulata that can produce dense hatches
Sprout Sprout
Tied on a curved shank hook this parachute emerger rides half in and half out of the surface flim.
Bear's Hi-Viz Yellow Drake Bear's Hi-Viz Yellow Drake
Bear's Para Isonychia (Slate Drake) Bear's Para Isonychia (Slate Drake)
Mayfly Cripple Dry Fly Mayfly Cripple Dry Fly
This is an excellent choice for the Tail End of a Pool after a Hatch
Brown Paradrake Parachute Dry Fly Brown Paradrake Parachute Dry Fly
Always have a Parachute Pattern for big Mayflies
Green Drake Dry Fly (Lawson's) Green Drake Dry Fly (Lawson's)
A Superhatches Pattern that is Legendary in the East and Midwest
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