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Hex Nymph Hex Nymph
Hex is the King of Slow Water pools and soft bottom stretches of Streams and Rivers
Rag Hex Nymph Fly Rag Hex Nymph Fly
Hex is where its at for Carp since they make their home in soft bottom decaying material
Bear's Hex Nymph Bear's Hex Nymph
This Hexagenia nymph imitation comes with a soft "fuzzy looking" body that makes it very natural presentation.
Poxyback Hex Emerger Poxyback Hex Emerger
This is Mike Mercer's famous poxyback technique of nymph pattern construction applied to an emerger.
Hex Cripple Dry Fly Hex Cripple Dry Fly
When the Hex Hatch is over and finished this is the pattern that you can use the next morning to catch the stragglers
Clear Wing Hex Spinner Clear Wing Hex Spinner
Hexagenia Spinner Hexagenia Spinner
This is yet another great Hex imitation from David Lucca
Loco Hexagena Dry Fly Loco Hexagena Dry Fly
Our favorite Hex Pattern for the Giant Mayfly of the Night
Hexagena Limbata Dun Dry Fly Hexagena Limbata Dun Dry Fly
The Superhatch Giant Mayfly that dreams are made of!
Hex Adult Dry Fly Hex Adult Dry Fly
You can see this one well at Night which is when you fish it
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