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Berry's Super Stone Nymph Berry's Super Stone Nymph
Here is just a terrific bead head Stonefly imitation by noted Idaho Guide Brian Berry
Wired Stonefly Wired Stonefly
If you like fishing the Copper John nymph you will like this Stonefly imitation from Tyler Befus
Rag Stone Tungsten Bead Head Nymph Rag Stone Tungsten Bead Head Nymph
This is a well designed and very natural looking Golden Stone imitation
Bitch Creek Nymph Bitch Creek Nymph
Don't go West Without It - Fish it in deep dark holes and runs
Flutter Bug Flutter Bug
Stone Nymph Stone Nymph
Barbless general purpose Stonefly nymph imitation by Randall Kaufmann
Biot Epoxy Stone Fly Biot Epoxy Stone Fly
Very Realistic all purpose general nymph imitation that works everywhere
Stinger Stone Bead Head Nymph Stinger Stone Bead Head Nymph
A very Unique Design with a trailing hook
Designated Hitter Designated Hitter
A foam body Stonefly imitation that that comes in Golden,Skwala and Salmonfly color schemes
Rouge Foam Stone Rouge Foam Stone
This is a robust foam Stonefly imitation designed by Jack Schlotter
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