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Sloan's Mighty May Nymph Sloan's Mighty May Nymph
This is a black bead head Mayfly imitation that is not only very realistic but also very fishable
ParaEmerger Fly ParaEmerger Fly
An Emerger that rides in the surface film perfectly
Bat Wing Emerger Fly Bat Wing Emerger Fly
A very Effective and Unique Mayfly imitation for fishing Surface Film
Spotlight Emerger Spotlight Emerger
This is a very visible emerger pattern that rides high in the surface film, just perfect for evening hatches.
Sparkle Dun Dry Fly Sparkle Dun Dry Fly
Especially effective on Selective Fish this is really an Emerger
Parachute Dun Dry Fly Parachute Dun Dry Fly
You should always carry a Parachute Dun in your most fished Hatches or pet Patterns
Sulfur Dun Dry Fly Sulfur Dun Dry Fly
This is the perfect little Mayfly that gives us much hatch activity in the East and Midwest
Hi Viz Parachute Dun Dry Fly Hi Viz Parachute Dun Dry Fly
When you need to see the fly better Hi-Viz Parachutes are the answer
Pink Cahill Pink Cahill
This delicate little Mayfly imitation can be used to fish either Light Cahill or Sulphur hatches.
Sulfur Spinner Fly Sulfur Spinner Fly
This is a major hatch in Eastern Rivers and Streams