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Brassie Nymph Brassie Nymph
A Must for every Fly Box to fish anywhere Trout Live
Brassie Bead Head Nymph Brassie Bead Head Nymph
A Must for every Fly Box to fish anywhere Trout Live
Chironomid Pheasant Tail Pupa Chironomid Pheasant Tail Pupa
This is the Midge pupa with over 2000 species in North America, distribution of this important family of Aquatic Insects is everywhere
WD 40 WD 40
Not much to say here except that this pattern has been catching trout for years.
Rojo Midge Tungsten Rojo Midge Tungsten
Another colorful and effective midge larva imitation by Greg Garcia that works especially as a dropper or anchoring a multiple nymph set up.
Midge Dry Fly Midge Dry Fly
On Stillwater - It's still a Small World After All and this is the pattern of choice
Morgan's Para-Midge Morgan's Para-Midge
Created by Craig Morgan and Eric Larsen as a good high floating and easy to see Midge imitation.
Griffith's Gnat Griffith's Gnat
The king of small and black, use it whenever you can't see what is hatching
Mosquito Dry Fly Mosquito Dry Fly
A Go-Anywhere Pattern that is good for late Summer Evenings
Black Gnat Dry Fly Black Gnat Dry Fly
An All Time Favorite for just about anywhere in the US
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