Attractor Patterns

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Adams Superfly Adams Superfly
This pattern combines the old stand-by Adams color scheme with an extended body profile producing an incredibly fishy looking design
Aerial Assult Aerial Assult
This creature resembles many things that trout will rise to eat.
Candy Corn Candy Corn
There is a whole lot going on with this Attractor pattern that all starts with its head
Chernobyl Ant  Fly Chernobyl Ant Fly
Hide the kids Honey, here comes the Ant that ate New York
Chernobyl Juicy Bug Dry Fly Chernobyl Juicy Bug Dry Fly
This thing has it all, rubber legs, foam body, synthetic hair and a wild profile that excites big trout.
Fatboy Fatboy
Check out this big fat hopper imitation that is one very effective Attractor Pattern.
Foamulator Foamulator
This is the foam version of Randall Kaufmanns famous Stimulator Pattern
Green Machine Green Machine
This is a double foam body Attractor pattern that floats high and dry all day
Hot Legged Hopper Terrestrial Dry Fly Hot Legged Hopper Terrestrial Dry Fly
A Dave Whitlock Creation that is a very good imitation of the Natural
Humpy Dry Fly Humpy Dry Fly
One of the Top 10 Attractor Patterns of All Time
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