Bonefish Flies

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Bonafide Crab Bonafide Crab
Darting Coral Shrimp Darting Coral Shrimp
A simple shrimp imitation with a great looking body, we like the action this pattern gives off in skinny water.
Keys Permit Crab Keys Permit Crab
WOW..... Look what we have here a real crab-looking pattern for the fly wary Permit of the Keys
Tail Chaser Tail Chaser
Action Crab Action Crab
We really like this Merkin style Permit fly especially when used on light colored flats
Alberto's Shrimp Alberto's Shrimp
This is an extreemly life-like looking pattern, just perfect for heavely fished Bonefish
Albright Shrimp Fly Albright Shrimp Fly
An Oldie but a Goodie this is a soft landing shrimp pattern for skinny water scenarios
Bahamas Special Bonefish Fly Bahamas Special Bonefish Fly
This fly is a Big Offering that works Anywhere for Bones but especially well for the Big Bahamian type
Bauer's Flats Crab Bauer's Flats Crab
This little crab imitation is a must for Belieze and the Yucatan
Bauers Mantis Shrimp Bauers Mantis Shrimp
A very Universal Mantis Pattern designed by the famous tier Will Bauer
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