Permit Flies

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Keys Permit Crab Keys Permit Crab
WOW..... Look what we have here a real crab-looking pattern for the fly wary Permit of the Keys
Action Crab Action Crab
We really like this Merkin style Permit fly especially when used on light colored flats
Bauer's Flats Crab Bauer's Flats Crab
This little crab imitation is a must for Belieze and the Yucatan
Blind Crab Surf Fly Blind Crab Surf Fly
A New Killer Pattern for anywhere the Surf falls
Bonafide Crab Bonafide Crab
Bruja Crab Permit Flt Bruja Crab Permit Flt
This is one of our newest Permit patterns that is really doing well almost all over the Globe.
Captain Crabby Permit Fly Captain Crabby Permit Fly
This is a hard bodied Crab Pattern that is also Great for Bonefish
Cathy's Fleeing Crab Fly Cathy's Fleeing Crab Fly
Similar in design to a Del's Merkin this is a good universal Crab imitation for both Permit and Bonefish
Chernobyl Crab Fly Chernobyl Crab Fly
Probably one of Tim Borski's greatest creations that is big and ugly and works incredibly well
Del's Merkin Crab Fly Del's Merkin Crab Fly
This is it-The Only Permit Fly you truly ever need especially in the Keys
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