Redfish/Seatrout Flies

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Midnight Mullet Midnight Mullet
Anderson's Reducer Saltwater Fly Anderson's Reducer Saltwater Fly
This new patter has all the makings to become a new generation all-purpose Saltwater fly
Backstabber Carp Fly Backstabber Carp Fly
This is one of the New Generation Carp flies that is taking fish in all types of water conditions in all parts of the country.
Bendback Minnow Saltwater Fly Bendback Minnow Saltwater Fly
Bendback hooks act like built in Weedguards and make these patterns good for brushy environments
Clouser Deep Minnow Fly Clouser Deep Minnow Fly
One of the most Successful Patterns Ever Created for anything that eats baitfish
Craves Wobbler Saltwater Fly Craves Wobbler Saltwater Fly
This is a Spoon-Fly pattern that imitates a fleeing minnow, very effective on Redfish
Cruiser Anchovy Cruiser Anchovy
Just a good, all-round Baitfish imitation at home on either coast.
Drum Food Drum Food
As the name says, this is a real good looking pattern for merky water situations
Everglades Gurgler Fly Everglades Gurgler Fly
Made for the Back Country this pattern has become our favorite top water Tarpon fly, a must-have for those special quiet morning times.
Fools Gold Crab Fly Fools Gold Crab Fly
This is a New Hot Redfish Pattern that is fast becoming a standard in Louisiana and Texas
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