Tarpon Flies

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Baby Tarpon Shrimp Baby Tarpon Shrimp
One of the mose Effective Baby Tarpon flies we have ever used...works on the big guys as well!
Big Eye Tarpon Fly Big Eye Tarpon Fly
This is a Series of well conceived Tarpon Flies all of which have great contrasting color schemes
Black Death Tarpon Fly Black Death Tarpon Fly
The Classic color combination of Red and Black has been working well for many years
Cockroach Tarpon Fly Cockroach Tarpon Fly
This is a close copy of the Original design that is still catching Tarpon after all these years
Cowen's Baitfish Fly Cowen's Baitfish Fly
This pattern casts a very realistic Baitfish profile when in the water. It is about as universal as a pattern can be, good for anything that eats Baitfish
Cowen's Tarpon Baitfish Fly Cowen's Tarpon Baitfish Fly
Purple and Black with large eyes make this the pattern of choice for early morning/first light Tarpon fishing.
Everglades Gurgler Fly Everglades Gurgler Fly
Made for the Back Country this pattern has become our favorite top water Tarpon fly, a must-have for those special quiet morning times.
Gummy Tarpon Worm Gummy Tarpon Worm
Looks just like the real thing !!!!!
Laid-Up Tarpon Fly Laid-Up Tarpon Fly
As the Name Says fish this fly to Laid-Up Tarpon for the chance of a hook up
Megalopsicle Tarpon Fly Megalopsicle Tarpon Fly
We like this pattern for laid-up fish in the Keys plus it has some great color combinations.
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